Get a jump start on your college degree.

Photo of UW-River Falls' dual credit program with River Falls High School

UW-River Falls’ dual credit program with River Falls High School

Are you a current high school student who wants to earn college credit before you graduate?

The Universities of Wisconsin offer a variety of opportunities for students attending high school to complete college courses. You can earn college credit by taking a course at your high school or on a UW university campus.

Earn College Credits While Enrolled in High School

There are three ways to enroll in a UW course while you are still a high school student.

1. Earn College Credits in Your High School

UW universities have partnered with some high schools to offer select college courses taught by UW university-approved instructors from your high school. Some high schools partner directly with UW universities to offer in-person or online classes taught by a UW university faculty member. Courses are offered at reduced tuition compared to on-campus undergraduate students.

2. Earn College Credits at a UW University

Qualified students may be able to enroll in pre-approved university courses through the Early College Credit Program (ECCP), which allows students enrolled at Wisconsin public, charter, and private high schools to take up to 18 credits of college courses at a UW, private, or Tribal college located in Wisconsin (for high school and college credit or college credit only). As long as a course fulfills a graduation requirement, there is no cost to the student—costs are shared between the state and the school district.

3. High School Specials

The High School Special program allows qualified public and private high school students to enroll in UW university courses provided they meet course prerequisites and space is available. The student/guardian/family is responsible for the full cost of tuition and fees.

Transfer College Credits Earned in High School

When you successfully complete a college course while in high school, your credits may transfer to a college or university. If you plan to attend a UW university after you graduate from high school, please be aware that:

  • The courses you take and the grades you earn will be recorded on a university transcript and become part of your official college record.
  • When you complete your college application(s) as a prospective new freshman, you need to list the college courses you completed on the application and submit an official transcript in the admission process.
  • If you attend the same UW university at which you enrolled while a high school student, the courses will remain part of your academic record and can be applied to your degree requirements.

This process will be similar regardless of which college or university you choose to attend. Make sure to ask questions about transferring credit during your admission process.

Check Transfer Eligibility

Before you register to take UW courses during high school, it is important to understand if and how your courses will transfer. To learn more about how UW courses might transfer to colleges and universities, use Transferology. The Credit Transfer Course Wizard report you receive is guaranteed for courses that you take in the current or next semester. Print or save a copy of the transfer report for your records.

If you’ve checked Transferology and you still have questions about how your college credits taken in high school may transfer, reach out to a Transfer Coordinator at the UW university at which you plan to enroll.

How Do I Learn More and Get Started?

Get your conversation started with your high school counselor and family members. Then learn more about their specific dual enrollment and early college credit program opportunities, eligibility requirements, and application procedures.