Legal issues can be a big obstacle for students, sometimes making it challenging to enroll in or stay in college, or even to get a job. The Universities of Wisconsin have partnered with Lawyers for Learners to help students get FREE legal advice. We want to help remove legal barriers to your education and success.

Lawyers for Learners connects students with legal specialists who can help with a variety of legal matters. Help they can provide may include:

  • Advice: Providing legal counsel, including options and next steps based on your specific situation.
  • General assistance: Helping you complete forms, sharing information about court procedures or available resources, and providing guidance on self-representation.
  • Referral: Connecting you with a lawyer who can help with your specific situation.
  • Full representation: Working with you for an entire legal proceeding.

Lawyers for Learners can only connect students with help for legal issues that are based in Wisconsin. Students who are unsure of whether their legal issues meet this requirement are encouraged to submit the Request for Assistance Form so it can be determined whether help may be offered through Lawyers for Learners or, if it cannot be, to get information about out-of-state resources.

To learn more, visit the Lawyer for Learners website.

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  • Business
  • Criminal Record
  • Driver’s License Recovery
  • Employment
  • Family
  • Finances
  • Housing
  • Immigration
  • Life Planning
  • Name/Gender Change
  • Public Benefits

Self-Help Legal Resources

If you’re looking for more information about your legal problem or want to manage your legal problem yourself, Lawyers for Learners offers several resources that may help. Please view their Resources page.

Lawyers for Learners Webinars – These webinars share information on several legal topics, including how to secure and modify child support orders, request a felony pardon, and claim available tax credits.

Wisconsin State Law Library Self-Help Videos – These videos provide information on a variety of topics, including what to do if you’re facing foreclosure, how to find legal forms, how to hire a lawyer, and more.

Legal Tune Up Online ToolThis free online tool from LIFT Wisconsin can help you find out what legal problems you can fix yourself. You may be able to reinstate your driver’s license, change a child support order, remove an arrest record, and more.

Wisconsin Courts Self-Help Law CenterThe self-help law center helps you find legal forms and provides information about court procedures and representing yourself in court.

Wisconsin Justice Initiative’s Guide to Municipal CourtsThese resources explain what to expect and do if you have a case in municipal court. Some of the resources are general, and others are specific to Milwaukee County.


Universities of Wisconsin works with Lawyers for Learners, which collaborates with a variety of legal specialists to offer free and confidential legal assistance to Universities of Wisconsin students and the Universities of Wisconsin communities. Neither Universities of Wisconsin nor Lawyers for Learners provides legal advice or assistance.

Please be advised that you are receiving legal advice from a participating legal service provider, who is an independent entity. This means that Universities of Wisconsin and their agents are not responsible for any advice given to you. Such advice is given solely by the legal service provider, who is not an agent, employee or representative of Universities of Wisconsin and its agents.