Photo of UW-Whitewater ROTC programThank you for your sacrifice and service.

The Universities of Wisconsin recognize and deeply appreciate the service of and sacrifices made by our military service members, veterans, and their families. We understand the unique challenges you may face transitioning from military life to pursuing higher education and civilian careers. That’s why we are committed to providing comprehensive support and resources tailored to your needs.

Our veteran services coordinators stand ready to assist in maximizing educational benefits and navigating the complexities of the process. Beyond financial assistance, we offer a range of services designed to foster success and well-being, including dedicated campus spaces where you can find community and connect to active student organizations that provide you with additional camaraderie and support. We strive to create an inclusive environment where every member of our military community feels valued and empowered.

Priority registration ensures that you can secure the classes you need to stay on track and meet your academic goals. Additionally, our commitment to individualized support means that you receive personalized attention and guidance to help you thrive academically, professionally, and personally. By offering holistic support, we aim to empower our military-affiliated students to excel in their studies and beyond, forging bright futures for themselves and their families.

To Get Started

Research Your Benefits: Each county in Wisconsin has a County Veteran Service Officer to assist you in determining which benefits you are eligible for and can use to fund your education. Our campus Veteran Services Coordinators can also assist you in getting started.

Apply for Benefits: Be sure to apply for the benefits you have earned with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA), and/or your unit training office.

Explore Your Academic Options and Our Universities: The Universities of Wisconsin constellation consists of 13 universities in communities throughout the state as well as robust online offerings. Explore academic programs and find a home at one of our UWs or discover online opportunities.

Apply for Admission: Once you have an idea of where you would like to attend, see our Apply Wisconsin page for details on how to apply to your university and program of choice. If you have military experience, be sure to send a copy of your Joint Services or Community College of the Air Force transcript.

Connect with your Campus Veteran Services Coordinator: Congratulations on being accepted to your UW! The Veteran Services Coordinators at your university will need your education benefit documentation from the VA, WDVA, or your unit to ensure timely and accurate certification of your benefits.