Curious about what Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) option is right for you? Here are some questions you can discuss with the military training evaluator on your campus.

What is my career pathway and what courses are required to complete my program or major?

Consider your major or program. If your program of study is in the same field as your military training then the ACE credit recommendations may match the courses required. If you find your training does not match well to your major or program, you may want to consider additional forms of PLA.

Remember, too, that your military training is one source of knowledge. You may also have acquired college-level learning through other trainings or one-the-job experiences. When you consider PLA options, think about how content in the courses you would take compares to what you’ve learned though professional training and through your years of experience in a particular field.

Talk to an advisor if you think that your learning matches to learning offered in a course that is required in your program.

  • Ask if a subject test offered and accepted through a CLEP or DSST exam.
  • Ask if a departmental exam or portfolio review is offered for the course.
How do I feel when faced with a multiple-choice exam?

If you feel comfortable with multiple choice exams, pursuing credit for your prior learning via a standardized exam such as CLEP or DSST may be a good choice for you.

When should I (or want to) have my training evaluated?

If you are a Veteran, your Joint Service Transcript (JST) or Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) transcript review will take place during enrollment. If you are a current military service member, then your JST or CCAF transcript may be reviewed multiple times during your enrollment.

Other forms of PLA may be pursued throughout your college experience. Talk to the military training evaluator at your campus to determine the appropriate time to pursue PLA.

Do I like to think and write the story about what I’ve learned and how it is related to my field of study?

If so and the campus you attend offer PLA by portfolio review, ask your advisor about the available portfolio development courses. In these courses instructors will help you reflect about what you learned and how it demonstrates that you have mastered the course content. They’ll help you organize, document, and demonstrate your learning specific to course requirements.

What do I have to pay?

JST and CCAF review are free, you may incur out of pocket costs for other forms of PLA including CLEP, DSST, departmental exams, and portfolio. Ask your military training evaluator for fees specific to your campus.

PLA fees are standard across the WTCS. For a list of PLA fees click here.