The following policy goals and objectives of the Affirmative Action program recommended by the Regent Ad Hoc Committee on Programs to Assist Minority and Disadvantaged Students are approved:

  1. To serve effectively the needs of minority and educationally disadvantaged students, the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System commits and rededicates its resources to the mission of meeting the continuing educational challenge of the present generation and strengthening its programs for preparing teachers and administrators so that future generations of minority and educationally disadvantaged students will be better served.
  2. While it is recognized that the responsibility of providing basic education lies with the state’s primary and secondary educational system, one of the responsibilities of higher education is to point out new directions in society, in educational programs, and in teacher preparation for the primary and secondary education system.
  3. The University System shall do all that is possible to prepare educators and administrators to: (a) recognize dignity and worth of different cultures, (b) facilitate self-fulfillment and quality educational advancement, (c) sensitize the non-minority and non-disadvantaged students to the problems of the minority and educationally disadvantaged students.
  4. Each unit of the System shall seek to assure that its existing, as well as any new or revised, programs respond to the special needs of minority and educationally disadvantaged students; take into account the need for enhancing their existing strengths; measure and recognize their progress at appropriate stages; and allow progress toward a degree goal to be paced at a rate which takes into account prior educational disadvantages.
  5. Supportive services (e.g. financial aids, counseling, tutoring, etc.) shall also take into account specific needs of these students and be sufficiently flexible to respond to those needs.
  6. Meaningful programs shall be developed to sensitize the communities in which the various University of Wisconsin units are located to the problems, worth, and special needs of all minority group persons and educationally disadvantaged students.
  7. The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System pledges commitment to a total University of Wisconsin System effort for minority and educationally disadvantaged students. All employees of the University of Wisconsin System – faculty, staff, administrators – shall expect to participate fully in this effort as part of their employment responsibility.
  8. The University of Wisconsin System shall pursue an active affirmative action program in the recruitment and employment of faculty and staff. The System shall adopt an affirmative action program with the objective of assuring equal opportunity in all aspects of recruitment and employment consistent with federal and state statutes. The Committee recommends that procedures be developed by which the University of Wisconsin System actively seeks to increase the number of minority employees at all levels.
  9. Commencing on January 15, 1973, and every six months thereafter, each Chancellor shall file with the President a comparative progress report of the status of the affirmative action plans for his/her Unit.

The University of Wisconsin System shall support only those programs and/or facilities which are based on the principle of integration.


History: Res. 196 and 198 adopted 6/9/72.

See Also:

SYS 170, Guidelines for the Lawton Undergraduate Minority Retention Grant Program (formerly ACPS 5.1)

[UW System Administrative policies are included for reference and are separate from Regent Policy Documents adopted by the Board.]