Whereas Study Group 17 of the Regents Future Study Group Report (Policy 28-1, Formerly 86-5) reaffirmed the University System’s commitment to the special needs of minority students with specific proposals; and whereas United States. minority enrollments, particularly those of black students, have declined drastically during the last ten years; and whereas, a number of racist incidents have recently occurred on campuses in the System, which tends to threaten campus tranquility and impacts negatively on recruitment and retention of minority students and faculty; and whereas racism in any form is intolerable; and whereas, a university community should promote cultural and ethnic pluralism; and whereas the obligation rests with the University System to take corrective measures to alleviate these serious problems; therefore, be it resolved that:

  1. The Board of Regents condemns all acts of racism and/or cultural insensitivity anywhere in the University of Wisconsin System.
  2. The Board of Regents encourages the development and implementation of studies and programs, such as multicultural ethnic understanding and acceptance workshops at all of the University of Wisconsin campuses.
  3. The Board of Regents applauds and endorses President Shaw’s leadership and new initiatives toward the elimination of racism and discrimination in all its forms, and the improvement of the status of minority faculty and students in the University of Wisconsin System.
  4. The Board of Regents directs the University System to hold accountable those University administrative officers responsible for the implementation of policies and supervision of programs to meet the goals set by the Board of Regents and the State of Wisconsin.
  5. The Board of Regents directs the University of Wisconsin System to make minority institutional and state aid programs, and other programs to enhance the recruitment of minority students and faculty, a top priority in state budget deliberations.


History: Res. 3783 adopted 5/8/87.