WTFS 17-18 Group Photo

From left: Anna Filipova, Eric Eager, Laura Khoury, Chandra Waring, Renee Calkins (not visible), Holly Attenborough, Erin DeMuynck, Amanda Tucker, David Voelker (WTFS Co-Director), Carter Smith, Cyndi Kernahan (WTFS Co-Director), Diane Jacobson, Valerie Murrenus-Pilmaier, Edie Wasyliszyn, Paul Van Auken, Jeff Goodman, Jody Siker, April Bleske-Rechek, Debbie Stanislawski, James Murray, Debra Siebert, Jane Weiss, Glenn Spiczak, James Carlson. Not present: Jon Shelton, Heidi Sherman. Photographed at the WTFS Poster Reception, OPID's 2018 Spring Conference on Teaching & Learning.


Institution Name Fellow/Scholar Department(s) Email Poster
UW Colleges Erin DeMuynck Fellow Geography and Geology 2017-18 WTFS DeMuynck Poster pdf
Valerie Murrenus-Pilmaier Scholar English 2017-18 WTFS Murrenus Pilmaier Poster pdf
UW-Eau Claire April Bleske-Rechek Scholar Psychology 2017-18 WTFS Bleske-Rechek Poster pdf
Carter Smith Scholar Languages 2017-18 WTFS Smith Poster pdf
Jeffrey Goodman Scholar Psychology 2017-18 WTFS Goodman Poster pdf
UW-Green Bay Jon Shelton Fellow Democracy and Justice Studies 2017-18 WTFS Shelton Poster pdf
Heidi Sherman Scholar Humanistic Studies
UW-La Crosse James Carlson Fellow Educational Studies 2017-18 WTFS Carlson Poster pdf
Eric Eager Fellow Mathematics 2017-18 WTFS Eager Poster pdf
James Murray Scholar Economics 2017-18 WTFS Murray Poster pdf
UW-Milwaukee Renee Calkins Scholar Foreign Languages and Literatures 2017-18 WTFS Calkins Poster pdf
Debra Siebert Scholar English 2017-18 WTFS Siebert Poster pdf
UW-Oshkosh Anna Filipova Scholar Public Administration 2017-18 WTFS Filipova Poster pdf
Paul Van Auken Scholar Sociology  2017-18 WTFS Van Auken Poster pdf
UW-Parkside Jody Siker Fellow Institute of Professional Educator Development 2017-18 WTFS Siker Poster pdf
Laura Khoury Scholar Sociology-Anthropology 2017-18 WTFS Khoury Poster pdf
UW-Platteville Holly Attenborough Fellow Mathematics 2017-18 WTFS Attenborough Poster pdf
Amanda Tucker Scholar Humanities/English 2017-18 WTFS Tucker Poster pdf
UW-River Falls Diane Jacobson Fellow English/ELT 2017-18 WTFS Jacobson Poster pdf
Glenn Spiczak Scholar Physics  2017-18 WTFS Spiczak Poster pdf
UW-Stout Debbie Lynn Stanislawski Scholar Teaching, Learning, and Leadership 2017-18 WTFS Stanislawski Poster pdf
UW-Superior Edie Wasyliszyn Fellow School of Business and Economics 2017-18 WTFS Wasyliszyn Poster pdf
UW-Whitewater Jane Weiss Fellow Accounting 2017-18 WTFS Weiss Poster pdf
Chandra Waring Fellow Sociology, Criminology, and Anthropology 2017-18 WTFS Waring Poster pdf
WTFS Co-Directors Institution Address Email
David Voelker UW-Green Bay Theater Hall 331
2420 Nicolet Drive
Green Bay, WI 54311
Cyndi Kernahan UW-River Falls 151a Centennial Science Hall
410 South Third Street
River Falls, WI 54022



Fay Akindes
Systemwide Professional & Instructional Development
UW System Administration
1636 Van Hise Hall
1220 Linden Drive
Madison, WI 53706
Catherine King
Program Associate
Systemwide Professional & Instructional Development
UW System Administration
1632 Van Hise Hall
1220 Linden Drive
Madison, WI 53706