What’s In It For Me

  • Creates greater consistency of job titles across the UW System
  • Makes it easier to look at other careers in the UW System
  • Aligns similar jobs in the UW System with similar jobs in the market
  • UW System can better match our jobs to appropriate market-informed pay ranges

What You Need to Know

  • Job Titles and Standard Job Descriptions have been created and are being mapped in the new UW Job Framework. Not all job titles will change. The updated job titles and job descriptions will be posted online during Employee-Manager Conversations.
  • Employee-Manager Meetings will be held December 1, 2019-February 15, 2020. Managers will meet with employees to explain the new job titles and job descriptions. You can verify that your updated job title and job description capture the work you do.
  • Go-Live is March 1, 2020. Job titles and job descriptions will go-live on March 1, 2020.

Helpful Video

Standard Job Description video ad







A standard job description represents work that is core to the job, commonly done in the role, and regularly needed within the institution. It is not based on the incumbent currently in that role.


  • Communicate an overall picture of the nature of work performed
  • Communicate the position’s role in the organization
  • Determine the kind of work, level of difficulty, accountabilities, and working conditions required of the job
  • Focus on the requirements of the job rather than a specific employee who might fill the position


  • Long lists of tasks
  • Every possible responsibility the job may have

Standard Job Description Features


  • A concise statement explaining the major functions of the position
  • Describes the overall end-result of the work that the job produces and why it exists
  • 1-2 sentences to give an overview of the job’s main purpose