A case is categorized  as OSHA recordable if:

  • an employee has been occupationally exposed to anyone with a known case of active tuberculosis (TB), and
  • that employee subsequently develops a tuberculosis infection, as evidenced by a positive skin test or diagnosis by a physician or other licensed health care professional.

You would enter this as Recordable on the OSHA tab, and select respiratory condition in the “Injury/Illness” box.


(1) Do I have to record, on the Log, a positive TB skin test result obtained at a pre-employment physical?

No, you do not have to record it because the employee was not occupationally exposed to a known case of active tuberculosis in your workplace.

(2) May I line-out or erase a recorded TB case if I obtain evidence that the case was not caused by occupational exposure?

Yes, you may line-out or erase the case from the Log under the following circumstances:

(i) The worker is living in a household with a person who has been diagnosed with active TB;

(ii) The Public Health Department has identified the worker as a contact of an individual with a case of active TB unrelated to the workplace; or

(iii) A medical investigation shows that the employee’s infection was caused by exposure to TB away from work, or proves that the case was not related to the workplace TB exposure.

Other references

OSHA Recordkeeping Handbook: For more information on recording criteria for cases of tuberculosis.