Policy Details

Insurer: Great Divide Insurance Company by JD Fulwiler & Company Insurance

Coverage: Spectator/Attendee Liability

This insurance is designed to cover lessees and vendors (tenants) who use University space but would not be covered under the UW’s liability program because they fall outside of the scope of the University.

Per Event Limits: $1,000,000 per occurrence; $2,000,000 aggregate; Medical Payments excluded

JD Fulwiler & Company Insurance contact information: Telephone: 877/305-5040; Fax 503/977-5856

Campus Procedures for Binding Coverage

  • Gather information from the potential tenant using the Special Event Questionnaire docx .
  • Fax the completed questionnaire to JD Fulwiler & Company Insurance for coverage. Premium rates for Hazards Class I and II are listed below; contact JD Fulwiler & Company Insurance directly for Hazard Class III events or if the daily attendance will exceed 5000.
  • Collect the premium from the tenant and send to System Risk Management along with a copy of the questionnaire (checks should be made out to: UW System Administration).
  • JD Fulwiler & Company Insurance will send a certificate of coverage to the campus, the insured, and UW System Administration.
  • Send a quarterly report of events to System Risk Management by the 10th of the month following end of quarter.

Exposure & Rate

Exposure and rate is based on type of event (see Hazard Schedules) and total event attendance. Per day rates as shown below:

Rates Excluding Terrorism Coverage

Admissions Hazard Group I Hazard Group II Hazard Group III
1-100 $130 $163 $254
101-500 $156 $280 $449
501-1500 $228 $332 $592
1501-3000 $299 $553 $930
3001-5000 $449 $702 $1,144
5001+ Refer to Company Refer to Company Refer to Company


Incident reporting

As soon as the Risk Manager becomes aware of an incident they should contact Sara Mullikan at JD Fulwiler & Company Insurance (503-977-5656) with the details. Slip and fall accidents are not covered by the TULIP and should be handled from the campus risk management office.


This vendor offers insurance that may meet UW System contractual requirements. The University does not endorse this vendor and will update the list on a yearly basis with other vendors who offer a product that also meets the requirement stated above.

The University does not receive any pecuniary benefit from the use of the services listed.



This insurance document is furnished to you as a matter of information for your convenience. It only summarizes the listed policy(ies) and is not intended to reflect all the terms and conditions or exclusions of such policy(ies). Moreover, the information contained in this document reflects coverage as of the effective date(s) of the policy(ies) and does not include subsequent changes. This document is not an insurance policy and does not amend, alter or extend the coverage afforded by the listed policy(ies). The insurance afforded by the listed policy(ies) is subject to all the terms, exclusions and conditions of such policy(ies).