Two $5,000 awards are given to non-instructional administrative and professional academic staff members at UW System institutions in recognition of their exceptional service to the university. In 2008, the program was expanded to make an additional $5,000 award to a non-instructional academic staff program in recognition of the important role played by academic staff in supporting students and their success. The Regents Academic Staff Excellence Awards are administered by the systemwide Office of Academic Student Services. Nomination process


Award Recipients


Regent Tim Higgins with Bonnie Isaacson

Bonnie Isaacson (left) and Regent Tim Higgins (right)

Bonnie Isaacson

Senior Student Services Coordinator, UW-Eau Claire

Regent Drew Peterson with Ron Zimmerman

Ron Zimmerman (left) and Regent Drew Petersen (right)

Ron Zimmerman

Director, Schmeeckle Reserve, UW-Stevens Point

UW-Stout's Registration and Records Office

(from left) Associate Registrar Joshua Lind; Regent Janice Mueller; Business Automation Specialist Lystra Yates; Assistant Registrar Jennifer Swoboda; and Registrar Scott Correll, representing the UW-Stout Registration and Records Office.

Registration and Records Office, UW-Stout


Regent Mark Tyler with Susan Greene

Susan Greene (left) and Regent Mark Tyler (right)

Susan Greene

Institutional Planner, Office of Planning, Assessment, Research and Quality (PARQ), UW-Stout

Regent Tim Higgins and Freda Briscoe

Freda Briscoe (right) and Regent Tim Higgins (left)

Freda Briscoe

Director, Minority Business and Minority Teacher Preparation programs, UW-Whitewater

UW Platteville's Distance Learning Center

(far left) Director Dan Avenarius, (center left) Executive Director Dawn Drake, (center right) Regent Tracy Hribar, with other members of the Distance Learning Center

Distance Learning Center, UW-Platteville


Regent John Drew and Denise Ehlen

Regent John Drew (left) and Denise Ehlen (right)

Denise Ehlen

Director of Research and Sponsored Programs, UW-Whitewater

Regent Brent Smith and Donna Weber

Regent Brent Smith (left) and Donna Weber (right)

Donna Weber

Director of Human Resources, UW-Eau Claire

Regent Mark Tyler and Evelyn Martens

Regent Mark Tyler (left) and Evelyn Martens (right), the Center’s Director of Writing and Tutoring Resources

The Writing Center, UW-Platteville


Regent Brent Smith with Dr. Joseph Abhold

Dr. Joseph Abhold (left) and Regent Brent Smith (right)

Joseph Abhold

Director of Counseling Center, UW-Oshkosh

Regent José Vásquez with Alfonso Gutierrez

Alfonso Gutierrez (left) and Regent José Vásquez (right)

Alfonso Gutierrez

Director of the UW Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Lab and Director of Research and Education for the UW E-Business Consortium, UW-Madison

DARE Chief Editor Joan Houston Hall

DARE Chief Editor Joan Houston Hall

The Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE) Project, UW-Madison

DARE staff with Regent Betty Womack

DARE staff with Regent Betty Womack, second from right


Regent Kevin Opgenorth with Dale Braun

Regent Kevin Opgenorth (left) and Dale Braun (right)

Dale Braun

Campus Planner, Integrated Planning, UW-River Falls

Regent Brent Smith and Dr. Lynn Freeman

Regent Brent Smith (left) and Dr. Lynn Freeman (right)

Lynn Freeman

Director of Academic Advising, UW-River Falls

Regent Betty Womack and Njia Lawrence-Porter

Regent Betty Womack (left) and Assistant Director Njia Lawrence-Porter (right)

McNair Scholars Program, Academic Success Center, UW-River Falls