This policy applies to all UW System student press publications, including websites and other electronic publication mediums, subsidized by university resources, and that are not subject to editorial control by the UW System or any UW System institution.


The purpose of this policy is to establish procedures related to the responsibility for the editorial content of student press publications.

Policy Statement

The following statement shall be carried in the masthead of all editions of those newspapers, or on the main page of any news websites or other similar electronic news
distribution platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) (collectively “student press publications”) prepared by and for the students of any University of Wisconsin
institution and subsidized by funds or facilities under jurisdiction of the University of Wisconsin System or its institutions:

The (name of publication) is written and edited by students of the University of Wisconsin (name of campus) and they are solely responsible for its editorial policy and content.

Each UW Chancellor or his or her designee shall inform students who edit or write for a student press publication subsidized by university resources of the legal responsibility for the content of those publications.

Each UW Chancellor, or designee, shall also provide guidance to student press publications subsidized by university resources describing best practices for managing liability, including information regarding liability insurance for student publications.

Oversight, Roles, and Responsibilities

The UW Chancellor of each UW System institution is responsible for ensuring the institution complies with this policy.


History: Res. 1066 (adopted 8/15/1975) rescinded Wisconsin State Universities resolutions 3629, 3694 and 3710; Res. 11372 (adopted 02/07/2020) amended RPD 30-2.