This policy applies to facilities constructed by the private sector or public-private partnerships that are expected to be transferred to the University of Wisconsin System.


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that any facility constructed by the private sector or as public-private partnership with an expectation that ownership will be transferred to the UW System will not create any extraordinary liability for the University of Wisconsin System or the State of Wisconsin.

Policy Statement

The Board of Regents reaffirms the following requirements related to the use of outside funds for capital projects with the exception of UW Gifts and Grants Program projects, as specified in s. 13.48 (10) (c), Wis. Stats.:

  1. Such projects should not be initiated without an opportunity being provided for the regents to determine the appropriateness of the proposed funds and/or project(s) to System needs.
  2. The need for a project that also requires a General Purpose Revenue contribution, or a project that would otherwise utilize General Purpose Revenue as a prescribed funding source, shall be evidenced by its inclusion in long-range campus plans that reflect overall needs.
  3. Consistent with s. 36.29(7), Wis. Stats., all construction on behalf of the University System shall be subject to prior approval of the Building Commission.
  4. Construction of such facilities shall not begin without an opportunity afforded to the UW System and the Department of Administration to review and comment on plans and specifications. The review shall take into consideration initial, ongoing, and long-term costs.
  5. To ensure that the facilities are constructed according to the plans and specifications approved by UW System Administration and the Department of Administration, the Department of Administration or the University of Wisconsin System shall provide supervision of construction as allowed by s. 16.85(12), Wis. Stats. This subsection does not apply to projects specified in s. 13.48 (10) (c) – UW Managed Gift/Grant Program.

Oversight, Roles, and Responsibilities

The Board of Regents oversees the UW System building program and determines whether facilities constructed for university purposes are affordable to the affected and impacted operational budget and funding entities for the foreseeable future, fit within the context of the published UW System capital plan(s), and adhere to the short-term and long-term physical development plans for each institution.

The UW System Office of Capital Planning and Budget shall provide guidance and assistance to UW institutions to meet the requirements of this policy.

Related Regent Policy Documents and Applicable Laws

  • Regent Policy Document 13-2, “Real Property Contracts: Signature Authority and Approval”
  • Regent Policy Document 19-8, “Funding of University Facilities Capital Costs”
  • Regent Policy Document 19-15, “Physical Development Principles”
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  • Section 13.48 (10) (c), Wis. Stats., “Long-range public building program”
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History: Res. 6304, adopted 12/11/1992, created Regent Policy Document 92-10 (subsequently renumbered 19-12).  Res. 11615, adopted 04/09/2021, amended RPD 19-12.