This policy applies to the distribution of institutional funds held by the UW System and UW System institutions for charitable purposes (“institutional funds”).


The purpose of this policy is to describe UW System practice related to the administration of institutional funds.

Policy Statement

The UW System Board of Regents encourages charitable giving that supports the mission of the University of Wisconsin System, expands educational opportunities to all people in the state of Wisconsin, and supports the UW System’s efforts to promote diversity and inclusivity.

The UW System shall administer institutional funds in accordance with donor intent and with the law.

In the event that a restriction on the use of an institutional fund becomes unlawful, impractical, impossible to achieve, or wasteful, the UW System may seek modification of the restriction in accordance with applicable law.

Oversight, Roles, and Responsibilities

The UW System Administration Office of Trust Funds and the UW System Office of General Counsel are responsible for oversight of the implementation of this policy.

Related Regent Policies and Applicable Laws

  • Wis. Stat. § 36.29, Gifts
  • Wis. Stat. § 112.11, Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds
  • Act 61 Op. Atty. Gen. 162 (1972)


History: Res. 276, adopted 09/08/1972, created Regent Policy Document 72-14 (subsequently renumbered Regent Policy Document 22-1). Res. 2538, adopted 02/05/1982, replaced Regent Policy Document 77-3 with Regent Policy Document 82-1 (subsequently renumbered Regent Policy Document 22-3). Res. 11197, adopted 04/05/2019, rescinded and removed Regent Policy Documents 22-1 and 22-3, and created Regent Policy Document 31-17.