This policy applies to UW chancellors and the citizen boards or councils that advise chancellors and advocate on behalf of UW institutions.


The purpose of this policy is to encourage UW chancellors and other institutional leaders to strategically engage community members, alumni, and others for support and advice regarding UW institutions, and to enhance communication between institutional leadership, friends and alumni of UW institutions, and the communities in which UW institutions are located.

Policy Statement

It is the policy of the UW System Board of Regents to encourage the efforts of UW System chancellors and other institutional leaders to strategically engage community members, alumni, and others for the purpose of seeking advice, assistance and advocacy to further the mission of each UW institution. The Board of Regents authorizes and encourages UW System chancellors to establish institutional advisory boards or councils to:

  1. Provide advice regarding advocacy approaches, community and workforce needs, and community relations;
  2. Offer feedback to the chancellor and other administrators regarding the institution’s strategic planning efforts;
  3. Plan, participate in, or advise on efforts to fundraise on behalf of the institution; and
  4. Work with the chancellor to advocate for the institution’s needs in the community or with state legislators and the Governor.

The name, membership, number of members, and frequency of meetings shall be determined by each chancellor. The chancellor should select members using broadly based representation from the lay community. Because each institution serves the state as well as its region, membership on such bodies need not be limited to persons living in the immediate service area of the campus. Members shall serve without compensation.

Oversight, Roles & Responsibilities

Chancellors with existing advisory or advocacy board structures may continue to rely upon these entities. Chancellors are not required to establish advisory boards.

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History: Res. 304, adopted 10/6/1972, created Regent Policy Document 72-16; subsequently renumbered 8-1; Res. 10790, adopted 12/08/2016, amended and renamed Regent Policy Document 8-1, “Advisory Boards or Councils.”