The Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) collaborated with the Governor’s Council on Financial Literacy and Capability and the Financial Fitness Group to create ELEVATE Wisconsin: The Course to Financial Security to help bridge the financial literacy gap across Wisconsin.

ELEVATE Wisconsin is a financial well-being program that provides interactive, effective, unbiased online courses in personal finance and investing fundamentals. Course topics include, but are not limited to: budgeting, financial planning for hard economic times, and saving for retirement. The courses are designed to enhance the financial stability of individuals living in Wisconsin. The program is intended to help educate and empower more than 100,000 individuals by 2025!

If you previously participated in the Wisconsin Strong program, through ELEVATE Wisconsin, you can pick up right where you left off or you can start a new financial well-being journey by exploring new content. Either way, your progress and past participation in the Wisconsin Strong program are available for you to revisit.

Explore. Learn at your own pace. Take the challenge now!

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The program is anonymous and requires an email address and password to participate. Login to access the courses at any time.

ELEVATE Wisconsin Press Release

Updated: 06/25/2024