As the 2020 flu season approached, the UW System coordinated 32 flu shot clinics, administering over 2,000 flu shots for employees and their spouses. This is an increase from the number of clinics held and flu shots administered leading up to the 2019 flu season. Additionally, UW-Madison coordinated several clinics (which are not included in the numbers previously mentioned).

With the challenge the nation faces in 2020 to stay healthy, this was a crucial step to proactively helping employees stay healthy over the next several months. The UW System thanks all those that helped coordinate these clinics as well as the employees that took part in getting their flu shots at these clinics. Overall, the clinics were a huge success and we hope you’ll consider taking part in upcoming years!

Reminder: In case you missed the clinic(s) at your institution, consider getting your flu shot from your in-network doctor’s office or pharmacy (call ahead to check availability and find out if an appointment is necessary).