Institutional Support–Functional Definition:

This category should include expenditures for:

  1. central executive activities concerned with management and long-range planning of the entire institution;
  2. fiscal operations;
  3. administrative data processing;
  4. space management;
  5. employee personnel and records;
  6. logistical activities that provide procurement, storerooms, safety, security, printing, and transportation services to the institution;
  7. support services to faculty and staff that are not operated as auxiliary enterprises; and,
  8. activities concerned with community and alumni relations, including development and fund raising.

Appropriate allocations of institutional support should be made in accordance with the instructions provided in Policies and Procedures.

Sub-Programs include:

  • Executive Management
  • Fiscal Operations
  • General Administration and Logistical Services
  • Administrative Computing Support
  • Public Relations/Development

Executive Management–

Includes expenditures for all central, executive-level activities concerned with management and long-range planning for the entire institution (as distinct from planning and management for any one program within the institution).

Fiscal Operations–

Includes expenditures for operations related to fiscal control and investments. It includes the accounting office, budget, bursar, and internal and external audits.

General Administration and Logistical Services–

Includes expenditures for activities related to general administrative operations and services (with the exception of fiscal operations and administrative data processing). Included in this subcategory are personnel administration and payroll, space management, risk management, purchasing and maintenance of supplies and materials, institutional research, campus-wide communication and transportation services and protective services (safety and security). Also included, subject to the chargeback and cost distribution instructions provided in Attachment 2 are telephone, fleet operations, general stores, duplicating, printing shops, mail and postage.

Administrative Computing Support–

Subject to the chargeback and cost distribution instructions provided in Attachment 2, includes expenditures for computer services that provide support for institution-wide administrative functions (i.e., the other sub-programs of Institutional Support).

Public Relations/Development–

Includes expenditures for activities to maintain relations with the community, alumni, or other constituents and to conduct activities related to institution-wide development and fund raising.

Additional Instructions

Included under Institutional Support:

  1. The Executive Management sub-program should include the Chancellor and his/her cabinet officers and their immediate office support staff. However, affirmative action officers should be coded to General Administration, and public relations officers should be coded to Public Relations even if these individuals report directly to the chancellor.
  2. The Board of Regents, Faculty Senate, the Secretary of the Faculty/University and legal services are also included under Executive Management.
  3. News services are included under Public Relations/Development.
  4. The archiving of institutional records should be included under General Administration and Logistical Services unless the collections are catalogued, in which case the Libraries sub-program of Academic Support should be used.
  5. Institutional memberships should be included under General Administration and Logistical Support except for certain institutional research memberships at the doctoral institutions.

Excluded from Institutional Support:

  1. Assistant chancellors and other professional staff who are not cabinet officers should be coded based upon their primary area of responsibility or split coded as appropriate. They should not be coded to Executive Management.
  2. Environmental health and safety, including hazardous waste removal, should be included under the Other Services sub-program of Physical Plant.
  3. Transportation services intended primarily for the benefit of students are included under the Transportation Services sub-program of Student Service