Travel Approval Request Form pdf October 14, 2014 93.7 KiB

Payments To Individuals Report Form xls October 14, 2014 124.0 KiB

PLEASE NOTE: The Payment to Individuals Report form for use by Madison Campus employees can be found on the Accounting Services Website.

Instructions for Completing the PIR Form

To Complete the Payment to Individuals Report Form

General Navigational Instructions:
  1. Move from one area (cell) to another by using the arrow keys.
  2. To clear the contents of a cell, arrow over to it and:
    1. click on "edit," click on "clear" and click on "contents" (best method)
    2. or retype information and press "enter"
    3. hit space bar, and re-enter data (do not just hit space bar and leave blank)
  3. To edit within a cell: go to the beginning of the cell and press F2. Then you can arrow over to change data, (or use the backspace key to erase), enter when finished.
  4. Backspace to erase while typing, or press the "delete" key.
  5. To get to the top of the worksheet, from any cell, hold down the "control" key, and press the "home" key. (Ctrl + end will get you to the bottom of the worksheet.)
  6. At the end of a line, or from any cell within the line, press the "home" key to get to the beginning of that line. Arrow down to the next line.
Audit Function

The PIR form is programmed to call the user's attention to possible form preparation errors. Clicking on the audit button will list possible errors.

Pop-up Information Function

Placing the cursor over a cell marked with a red triangle will activate a pop-up message which will provide information to the preparer.

Policy Function

Access to UW System Policy, FAP - Personal Services Payments (F31), can be obtained by clicking on the policy button.

To create an icon for your Payment to Individuals Report Form (to be located on your desktop) use the following procedure:
  1. Click on "Start" (on the task bar)
  2. Type "Windows Explorer" in "Search Programs and Files."
  3. Highlight "Windows Explorer" and click on it.
  4. Locate your template file.
  5. Click with the right mouse button on the template file name.
  6. Click on "create a shortcut"
  7. Click with the left mouse button on the shortcut and drag in onto your desktop.

Now just double click on the icon to bring up a copy of your payment to individuals report form.