This page is for UW System Administration staff interested in publishing to UWSA’s site on Tableau Server. Employees of UW institutions should contact their site administrator.

Need to report an issue with the UWSA Tableau Server site? Contact the content owner or email

UWSA site publication process

1. Development

UWSA staff develop content in Tableau Desktop (not on the server). Developers can request a staging area from UWSA site administrators to get ready for step 2.

2. Staging

Developer publishes content to their staging area for testing and for review by data stewards or other qualified colleagues. When complete, developer requests publication for end use

3. End Use

Site administrators create an "end use" folder and grant access to the specified audience. Site administrators move the content from Staging to the end use folder.

4. Maintenance

Developers inform site admins of staff changes in the end-user audience. Developers can update content manually by republishing (overwriting). Content with data source connections can be scheduled to update data automatically during off-peak hours.