The Instructional Analysis Information System (IAIS) provides instructional workload measures and related instructional cost data. The current system reflects state funded costs, instructional staff, and credit activity for the fall term. The cost categories include budgeted amounts for unclassified salaries, classified salaries, supplies/expenses, and capital (fringe benefits are not included). The standard set of reports are: Cost Per Credit, Curricular Analysis, Faculty Contact Hours, and Section Size Analysis. Each set of reports contain metrics by student level, type of instructor, and type of section where appropriate. Each set of reports are summarized by organization structure and available for the Unit (Campus), Division (School/College), Department, and Sub-department. The reports are also available for the UW clusters which is the grouping of the UW doctoral campuses, UW comprehensive campuses, and UW Colleges.

*Student Major Reports and ad hoc cost/workload reports are available on request.