The UW System Collaborative Language Program Presents

Assessment in the 21st Century: A Multimedia Approach

  • Lauren Rosen, Director UW System Collaborative Language Program
  • Magara Maeda, UW River Falls, Japanese
  • Natalia Roberts, UW La Crosse, Russian

Thursday, August 30 | 274 Van Hise Hall, UW-Madison

Join us for a full day focusing on technologies that foster 21st Century Skills for today”s language learners. Students today are always connected. They regularly communicate, collaborate, problem solve, create, innovate… all using a variety of technologies. We”ll look at opportunities to engage students” technology savvy to demonstrate their communicative competence. Our emphasis will be on media rich assessment tasks. We”ll explore task creation based on authentic video and student created video. We will look at technology integration through the lens of how students can demonstrate what they know and can do in the target language.
Participants will work hands-on creating tasks using tools such as YouTube Videos, CLEAR mashups, CLEAR conversations, and more. Participants with a course page will have the opportunity to integrate these assessments into their course site. Presentations from colleagues including best practices and lessons learned will guide participants to create successful and engaging activities for 21st century learners.
NOTE:Prior to the workshop, choose a theme you would like to use as the focus for activities that you will design. Consider bringing the URL for a YouTube video around which an activity may be created. This will help in narrowing your search for media during activity creation time.
Bring headset/earbuds or some sort of listening device. The lab we are using no long has headsets. A headset with a mic is also helpful but not required as the laptops do offer a built-in mic. USB as well as regular headphone min jack (like what plugs into an iPod/mp3 player) is available.

Registration Information:

Workshop Fees

CLP instructors & facilitators: free of charge. Please make your own hotel reservations and save receipts for reimbursement.
All other UW Attendees: $45 Fees include workshop materials, continental breakfast and lunch on Friday.

Workshop Agenda
Wednesday Aug. 29, 2012
11am – 4pm

CLP Instructors Only

Addressing issues of advocacy, logistics and flipping the classroom. This is an opportunity for our UW CLP distance learning instructors to share what works and provide innovative techniques and supportive approaches to language learning in an ITV environment.
Thursday Aug. 30, 2012
8:45 Continental Breakfast & Registration
9:00-12 Communication at the Core: Building Meaningful Assessments
Presenters: Lauren Rosen, Director UW System Collaborative Language Program, Magara Maeda, Japanese Professor, UW-River Falls, Natalia Roberts, Russian Professor, UW-La Crosse
Engage your students using meaningful communicative tasks. Join us for this hands-on opportunity to create assessment tasks using authentic video and simulated conversations. These activities offer a means for your students to demonstrate what they know and can do in the target language. Experience the ease of creating tasks with tools designed specifically for educators. We”ll focus on content development using YouTube videos as well as CLEAR conversations and you”ll have an opportunity to learn from those who have been using these technologies with their students.
12-1 Lunch
1:00-3:30 Mashups: Pulling It All Together
Presenters: Lauren Rosen, Director UW System Collaborative Language Program
Continuing with CLEAR”s Rich Internet Activities for Language Learning, we”ll capitalize on the use of existing audio, photos, video and anything else with an embed code as we convert media into language tasks. A mashup takes all the parts and pulls them together into a language practice exercise. Students are also able to combine all of their work into a mashup that demonstrates their language skills or instructors can use them to create assessable tasks that combine all modes of communication. Participants will complete at least one activity for use with the theme of their choice while gaining the skills necessary to create more as needed throughout the academic year.

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