Cultivating Student Engagement with Inclusive Teaching practices in the age of AI

A key goal of the UW Collaborative Language Program (CLP) has been to support language educators in creating proficiency-focused communicative classes supported by instructional technologies. This year’s retreat and workshop focuses on engaging all students with inclusive teaching practices and ways that AI can aid all students as they move along their proficiency path.

Instructors from all Universities of Wisconsin are invited to a full-day workshop in Madison, May 23, 2024, to jump start content building for the 2024-25 academic year. Participants learn how today’s technologies can be used to promote inclusivity, differentiation, and personalization. Together we will explore how AI can aid us and our learners. Furthermore, we will foster a cross-campus community of language educators to continue to support each other beyond the confines of the workshop.

CLP instructors please join us for both days, May 22-23, 2024, for our annual CLP retreat-workshop.​

CLP Instructors attend both days free of charge but must register.

Other UW Instructors the following fee applies:

  • $65/one day (Includes breakfast, lunch, and all workshop materials)
  • $100/ two days [with permission] (Includes breakfasts, lunches, and all workshop materials)

Payments may be made to the UW Collaborative Language Program via check or as an IUJ to UW-Stevens Point acct. 102-600644

Register Today!!! (Space is limited.)

Day 1 (CLP Instructors or by permission. Contact Lauren.)

Presenters: Sandrine Pell (CLP Co-Director/French Instructor), Magara Maeda (Japanese Instructor), & Natalia Roberts (Russian Instructor)

Sandrine Pell

Sandrine Pell

Magara Maeda

Magara Maeda

Natalia Roberts

Natalia Roberts


Strategies for Online, Inclusive & Proficiency-based Learning 

Through hands-on practice and collaborative discussions, participants will explore and share ways they have utilized the various technologies available to CLP instructors. Time to refine online teaching strategies, explore innovative and inclusive teaching practices, and develop effective proficiency test preparation techniques. This retreat provides a valuable opportunity for instructors to gather, share insights, and enhance teaching practices, ultimately benefiting students’ language learning journey. We will work with CLP technologies including InSpace, Extempore, and H5P.

Day 2 

Presenters: Kate Grovergrys, (Language Technology Integration Specialist/Spanish Instructor) & Lauren Rosen (CLP Director)

Kate Grovergrys

Kate Grovergrys

Lauren Rosen

Lauren Rosen

Nurturing the Roots of Student Engagement with Inclusive Teaching Practices
Explore the potential of inclusive teaching practices to foster student engagement and success in the language classroom. This interactive session will provide a toolkit of strategies, resources, and learning activities that faculty can use to create supportive and engaging learning communities.
Navigating the AI Frontier: A New Era of Language Teaching and Learning

Join us as we venture into the heart of the AI galaxy, where language learning meets technological innovation. How can we, as Jedi language instructors, wield the power of AI to elevate our teaching and enhance student learning? Discover how AI can assist us in our quest for knowledge, freeing us from mundane tasks and unleashing our creative potential. We will unlock the secrets to personalized language learning journeys using AI to tailor the learning experience to each student, fostering inclusivity and empowerment across the galaxy. Together, we’ll embark on a quest to harness AI’s power while preserving the human touch that defines our communication and interaction. May the Force guide us as we embrace AI’s transformative potential while staying true to the essence of our craft.

Register by May 15, 2024: Register Today!!! (Space is limited.)
(Limited to the first 30 registrants)
115 Ingraham(SE Corner of Charter and observatory)
Madison, WI 53706
Register Today!!! (Space is limited.)

Note: All travel expenses are billed to your home university.


Parking is available on a first come first serve basis. Lots 17, 20, 36 and 80 are the closest.
Cost: $15/day

  • Lot 20 is located off of University Ave. between Charter St. and Henry Mall. This lot does typically fill up so it is recommended to arrive early.
  • Lot 17 is located off of Engineering Dr. tucked in between the engineering buildings. This has the most spaces available.
  • Lot  36 is on Observatory Dr. just west of the Steenbock Library. Entrance is around the back.
  • Lot 80 is the underground garage for Union South off of Dayton St. UW Parking map.


UW Employees
If you are a UW employee request the state rate by reserving through Concur Travel.

Nearby options with the UW Rate include:

Hampton Inn & Suites Madison Downtown
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Fluno Center
Graduate Madison
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