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The UW System Collaborative Language Program (CLP) was established in January of 1998 to provide critical language instruction to university campuses otherwise unable to support these offerings. It is a grant-funded program to spread the wealth of language instruction to adult learners. CLP meets three primary objectives.

  • Creating collaborative programs is of great interest to all UW institutions.
  • Technology for distance learning is now pedagogically sound and functionally feasible to support collaborative language instruction.
  • There is a clear need to focus on strategically important critical languages, primarily Arabic, Chinese, Hmong, Japanese, and Russian.

While the initial focus of the program is on collaborative programming for the aforementioned languages deemed critical to national and/or state security and the economy, the long-term goal is to look at collaborative efforts to provide support for the teaching of all languages and area studies. Recently the CLP began offering students French and German. Some of these courses are geared towards intermediate and advanced learners diversifying the options for students to include the expertise of language educators from various Universities. This is an effort to increase opportunities in these languages on campuses where a limited number of instructional staff impacts the sheer number of courses that can be offered per semester. Moreover the CLP intends to offer a diversity of upper level courses to students so they are able to focus their language study in areas of greatest interest and need to become globally educated and career ready.

Collaborative Language Program Mission

Serving local and global communities, the UW System Collaborative Language Program (CLP) provides access to language and culture learning opportunities to all UW System students and institutions. The CLP strives to provide equitable and inclusive learning opportunities. The programming includes heritage languages and those critical to the economy and security of the state and nation. Focusing on principles of access, proficiency, and high-impact practices in language learning and teaching, coupled with attention to the use and importance of technology in language learning, CLP courses support development of communication skills, cultural knowledge, and numerous career-readiness competencies.

Collaborative Language Program Vision

The UW System’s Collaborative Language Program (CLP) is committed to increasing access for all students regardless of location, socio-economic status, and life challenges by expanding the array of languages taught and academic disciplines served. CLP fosters a sustainable professional community of language educators sharing expertise, who develop lifelong learners that value and embrace linguistic and cultural diversity and are not only career-ready but also equipped to make positive contributions to their professions, as well as their local and global communities.

Primary Locations where CLP languages are spoken