I. Purpose

This section has been developed to give an overview of the application and operation of the Non- Employee Driver Medical Excess Insurance Fund within the UW System.

II. Background

In 1987, the UW System Risk Manager studied the feasibility of the protection for volunteer and student drivers of University vehicles. A large gap in protection of those non-employee drivers was perceived as a serious risk management exposure for the System. To circumvent serious liability claims arising out of injury to non-employee drivers, it was decided that a fund would be set up to pay for the medical expenses incurred as a result of automobile accidents when driving in the scope of the non-employee’s agency with the University.

III. Coverage Description

Fund Number: 01346
Fund Level: $30,000
$5000 maximum medical payment limit with a $20,000 annual aggregate for the system.
Deductible: None
Fund Term: 07/01/-07/01
Territory: Worldwide
$10,000 assessment per year for three years with additional assessments to maintain $30,000 level after third year.
Premiums will be assessed to each campus based on the number of vehicles driven by non-employees on campus.
This coverage will remain excess to any other collectible insurance and therefore will not apply to individuals who have personal health insurance.

IV. Claim Procedures

All claims should be sent in writing directly to the UW System Risk Management Office and should include the following:

• Campus
• Date of Accident
• Claimants Name and Status
• Injury
• Description Medical Bills
• Police Report if Available
• Proof of Non-insurance