I. Purpose

This paper will explain the policy and procedures for obtaining coverage required by the NCAA for athletic tournaments sponsored by those organizations.

II. Policy Statement

It is a requirement of the NCAA that any campus wishing to host an NCAA sponsored tournament must furnish primary commercial general liability insurance coverage listing the NCAA as an additional insured. It is the responsibility of the campus risk manager to inform the campus athletic director about the availability of a certificate of insurance which meets NCAA requirements.

III. Coverage Provided

We successfully negotiated a master certificate of insurance that complies with NCAA requirements. There is no longer a need to purchase insurance for NCAA sponsored events. Simply state on the application that a master certificate of insurance between the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System and the NCAA is on file at the NCAA National Headquarters.

The purpose of this certificate is to provide protection to the University and the NCAA from liability claims made by spectators who are injured during the tournament. The coverage does not apply to participants for their injuries and excludes any liability arising out of alcohol consumption on the premises of the tournament.

NCAA Master Certificate pdf