Standing Committees

After receiving notification from UW System Administration of a student vacancy on a UW System Committee or Working Group, the UW System Staff Liaison notifies the Student Body Presidents of every UW System campus of the following:

  1. The name and composition of the Committee
  2. The number of students to serve on the Committee
  3. The Committee charge or mission statement
  4. Any information regarding the Committee’s length of service
  5. A notice of approximate meeting times and locations

Upon receiving notification from UW System, each student body president forwards a nominee from his or her campus. Each campus is responsible for formulating policies and procedures addressing student nominations. Nominations are submitted to UW System Staff Liaison by a specified deadline, along with a brief biography of the nominee.

UW System distributes the names and biographies of every nominee to all Student Body Presidents. Through e-mail, the Student Body Presidents vote for their top candidates. The nominees with the most votes fill the vacancies on the Committee. In case of a tie vote, the names and biographies of the nominees who tied will be forwarded to the appropriate UW System administrator(s) and UW System decides among the nominee(s) to fill the remaining vacancies.

Ad Hoc Committees

The process is basically the same as that noted above, except that, in order to expedite the process, nominees are sought from among the Student Body Presidents. If none of the Presidents wishes to serve, they may submit names and biographies of other nominees.