UW System Student Representatives is the statewide student governance body that represents all 180,000 students from each of the 26 campuses within the UW System. UW System Student Representatives works to actively promote shared governance, represent student interests, and advocate for student rights at both the state and federal levels.

The members of UW Student Representatives are the Student Government President and Vice President of each campus. The members of Student Representatives meet eight times per academic year across the state. Meetings are hosted by campus student governments. These meetings provide an opportunity for student government leaders to discuss issues that have an impact on their campuses and beyond, share innovative ideas and projects, find solutions to problems, and work collectively on issues that face students. Meetings are open to all to attend.

Wisconsin is one of the few states in the nation to provide students with a statutory role in university governance. For reference, see Wisconsin Statutes, § 36.09(5), adopted in 1974, which addresses student responsibilities within the University of Wisconsin System. See also Regent Policy Document 30-3 , which provides “Guidelines for Implementation of 36.09(5), Wis. Stats.”

Constitution and Bylaws