UW System Impact on State and Local Taxes

Photo of UW-Parkside researchThe $24 billion of UW System economic activity generated $1.1 billion in local and state taxes in 2016-17.

This revenue includes taxes generated from the following sources (as shown in Figure 4):

  • Local property tax
  • State, county, and special sales tax
  • State personal income tax
  • Corporate income tax

In addition to this $1.1 billion, other taxes and fees — such as state fuel taxes, wheel taxes, cigarette taxes, sports licenses and fees, permit fees, and many others — are generated from UW System economic activity. These additional taxes amount to over $100 million.

Figure 4. State and Local Taxes Generated by UW System Economic Activity

Type of Tax
Property Tax $471,811,768
Sales Tax $382,330,953
Personal Income Tax $211,156,549
Corporate Income Tax $40,215,774
Total Tax Impact $1,105,515,044