A UW Oshkosh advisor points out information on a computer screen while assisting a student in the advising office.

360 Advising

The Universities of Wisconsin promote a holistic approach that provides students with a coordinated network of high-touch, proactive support to ensure their academic progression to degree completion.

It’s easy to get lost in such a large university and you always need someone by your side…this is who my advisor has been for me.

UW-Madison student

It was my advisor’s job to give me academic advice. She didn’t just do her job. She encouraged and supported me when the load was heavy. With her can-do attitude and positive approach, she helped me tremendously in reaching my goals.

UW-Green Bay student

Each student coming in for advising has different concerns and goals. Our challenge is to help meet each student where they are and help them get where they wish to go.

UW Oshkosh advisor


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Presentation to Regents

Find details on the December 2023 Navigate overview at Board of Regents Day 2 News Summary|wisconsin.edu, and watch the presentation recording at UW System Board of Regents Meeting|youtube.com.Pictured below are Angie Kellogg (center) along with Jessica Stein. Michael Lango, and student Abbie Reiser, all of UW-Whitewater. Click on the heading to find additional photos.

The strategies underway are designed to promote credit momentum, provide technological tools, support professional development, and connect and engage the advising community systemwide. UW System recognizes the caring and committed advisors who make a difference every day in the lives of students. The 360 Advising strategies build on their good work, expand advising capacity, leverage system resources, and support quality advising that promotes student success. Click the headings below for details.


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Timely, targeted and proactive support for students through implementation of EAB’s student success management system

15 to Finish

Credit momentum campaign to help students finish in four years by taking 15 credits per semester or 30 per year

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