Watch the UW-Superior introduction to the Navigate student app above. For more about the app, watch a UW-Platteville app intro and a UW-Whitewater app demo.

UW System is partnering with UW institutions and EAB to implement the Navigate student success management system. Navigate is EAB’s advising workflow and student planning management software that UW institutions are incorporating into their student success and advising programs. The project empowers students with information and tools and helps advisors, faculty and staff build more effective, timely support to improve student outcomes.

While Navigate users extend beyond advisors, this project supports UW System’s 360 Advising priorities and strategies to expand high quality, proactive advising to improve retention and guide students to graduation.

Navigate Project Objectives
  • Support the on-time implementation of Navigate
  • Facilitate, leverage, and enhance the EAB services to foster networking and sharing of best practices to drive student success
  • Leverage UW System resources to partner with EAB for change management and successful implementation
  • Promote the development of a common set of data and analytic models across institutions to support data-driven processes and decisions and ensure improved student success
UW System Investment
  • Lowers the cost to four UW institutions already using the EAB system
  • Provides an affordable entry for eight additional UW institutions to adopt Navigate
  • Supports UW System 360 Advising strategies to improve retention and graduation

The Navigate App was extremely helpful for me, especially as a new UW-Green Bay student because I was able to make appointments very easily with my advisor. During my first year at UW-Green Bay I had seen my advisor so many times and the scheduling feature on the app made it easy for me to pick a day and time that worked best for me. It was a quick and easy process and took only a minute or two. I would also get a reminder email about my appointment so I would not forget.

Carter Crowley, UW-Green Bay student

I have participated in the Early Alert system for the past several years for my Psych 101 (General Psychology) class. This is a large class (more than 200 students) and one in which students can easily “fall through the cracks.” I have found the Early Alert system to be quite effective in letting at risk students know that: 1) I have noticed that they may be struggling and 2) I care about their success at UW Oshkosh. Ultimately, I strongly encourage faculty to take the time (it doesn’t take long!) to complete the Early Alert system forms.

Quin Chrobak, Ph.D., UW Oshkosh Psychology Department

Navigate and Advising Workshop

Navigate Program Owners and Advising Center Directors collaborated to form a team from their university to participate in a UW System Navigate and Advising Workshop March 9, 2023, at UW-Stevens Point. The theme was “Building Communities to Advance Equity and Student Success.”  The workshop featured presenters from across UW System, as well as one of our technical school partners and EAB representatives. Find details at UW System Navigate and Advising March 2023 Workshop | Student Success Collaborative (

National Award News

Pooja Agarwal of UW-Green Bay with EAB Award at EAB's Connected22 Conference in Orlando in November 2022

EAB named Pooja Agarwal, Student Success Evaluation and Retention Coordinator at UW-Green Bay, as the winner of this year’s Excellence in Technology Administration Award at the CONNECTED22 conference attended by 1,800 participants from around the country Nov. 7-9, 2022, in Orlando, Fla. EAB recognized her for her leadership and commitment to innovation on campus. Watch the award introduction here.