The Navigate Implementation Resource Center was developed for leaders on UW System campuses to share information, increase understanding, and promote collaboration to support implementing EAB’s “Navigate” student success management system.


The success of our students is central to the mission of the UW System and its institutions. Our goal is to improve the student experience and student outcomes across the UW System. That commitment is reflected in the UW System’s recent decision to invest in Navigate, the Education Advisory Board’s (EAB) student success management system. Navigate is an advising workflow and student planning management tool that provides personalized guidance to students at key moments along their college journey.

In December 2018, the Board of Regents approved a new contract with EAB that lowers the cost to four UW institutions already using the Navigate system and provides an affordable entry for eight additional UW institutions to adopt Navigate.

UW System will leverage resources and assist campuses to adopt Navigate. This will allow campus faculty and advisors to provide timely, targeted, and proactive student support. System-wide use will also create a consistent process to gather analytics to better serve students and improve future retention and graduation rates.

Implementation of Navigate is anchored to UW System’s 360 Advising Initiative and its goal to improve student success and reduce time to degree by expanding the use of predictive analytics. This project has real potential to move the needle on student success on a systemwide basis at an unprecedented level. Thank you for your current and future support!

Rob Cramer, Executive Sponsor
Vice President Administration

Karen Schmitt, Executive Sponsor
Interim Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs

Ben Passmore, Project Sponsor
Associate Vice President for Policy Analysis and Research

Rob Cramer photo

Rob Cramer

Karen Schmitt

Karen Schmitt

Ben Passmore

Ben Passmore

Navigate Project Resources

Contact UW System Email  (

About EAB Navigate

Feb. 6 New Member Launch Presentation Resources (Access to these resources is restricted to users approved by UW System)

  • First 100 Days (PDF)
  • Unpacking Your Student Success Collaborative (PDF)
  • User Roles and Responsibilities (PDF)
  • Care Unit Overview (PDF)
  • UWSA-EAB Implementation Handout (PDF)

Navigate Project Objectives

  • Support the on-time implementation of Navigate
  • Facilitate, leverage, and enhance the EAB-provided services to foster member networking and sharing of best practices to drive student success
  • Leverage UWSA resources to partner with EAB for change management and successful implementation
  • Promote the development of a common set of data and analytic models across institutions to support data-driven processes and decisions and ensure improved student success

UW System Investment in Navigate

  • Committed more than $4 million dollars to support this initiative over the first four years of the implementation
  • Lowers the cost to four UW institutions already using the EAB system
  • Provides an affordable entry for eight additional UW institutions to adopt Navigate
Photos from the Feb. 6 EAB Member Launch

EAB kickoff photo

EAB kickoff photo

EAB kickoff photoEAB kickoff photo

EAB kickoff photo