Communications and Connections

Expand channels to share information systemwide

  • Engage advising center directors, primary role advisors, faculty advisors, and other stakeholders as appropriate.
  • Share resources and best practices through a 360 Advising website, listserv, and other channels.
  • Connect with UW System initiatives and statewide and national resources.

Campus Advising Support

Elevate the status of advising in student success

  • Support strong advising infrastructure.
  • Provide resources to support implementation of student success strategies.
  • Form work groups to address pressing issues.
  • Share models for self-study processes, such as the Excellence in Academic Advising initiative.

Professional Development

Support advisor training and development 

  • Coordinate advising workshops.
  • Provide additional opportunities, such as webinars, to share resources and best practices.

Credit Momentum

Support efforts that impact 4-year completion rate

  • Launched a systemwide 15 to Finish campaign targeted to high school students, current UW System students, and their families.
  • Promote policies and practices to increase credit momentum, reduce time to degrees, and increase 4-year completion rates.
  • Provide dashboards to support data-informed strategies.

Advising Technology

Expand use of data-driven technology to help students persist and graduate

Career Development

Advance career development and readiness

  • Provide professional development, such as the Purpose First Summit.
  • Share resources, such as the National Alumni Career Mobility Survey.