May University Policy Distribution Reminder

As a reminder, the May university policy distribution contains one (1) revised policy.

Revised Policy:

Click on the link above to view the draft and ensure that your feedback is captured for review during the post-comment period. Comments can include attachments, including word documents and PDFs. Comments on the revised policy are due by 5:00pm on Friday, June 14th. 


SYS 1228, Telecommuting (Remote Work)

These policy revisions will be effective July 1, 2024.

Summary of Policy and Policy Revisions

  • This policy governs telecommuting in the UW System.  In response to a LAB audit, the upcoming implementation of WorkDay and a desire to harmonize the UWS policy with the UW-Madison and State of Wisconsin policies, several updates have been proposed.
    • The title of the policy has been changed to “Telecommuting (Remote Work)”
    • Throughout the policy, the term “telecommuting” has been changed to “remote work” throughout the policy.
    • In section 3, added additional detail about what conditions this policy does not apply under.
    • In section 5, added definitions for “workplace flexibility,” “hybrid-remote work,” “international remote work,” “out-of-state remote work,” “remote work agreement,” and “headquarters location.”
    • Pulled several blocks of language out of the Supervisor’s Guide and the standard form telecommuting agreement and added them to the policy itself.
    • In section 6.A, added additional considerations for the approval of remote work agreements.
    • Added section 6.C for additional detail about the establishment and significance of an employee’s headquarters location.
    • Added section 6.D to clarify roles and responsibilities of the employee and the supervisor.
    • In section 6.E (formerly 6.C), added detail about continuity of conditions of employment, consideration for confidentiality in the set-up of the remote workplace, clarification about working outside of the United States requiring approval of Vice Chancellor/Vice President, and consequences of failure to comply with requirements.
    • Added section 6.F, which pulled substantial detail from supporting documents regarding out-of-state and international remote work and incorporated it into the policy itself.
    • Added section 6.G, which pulled information about materials and supplies from the standard telecommuting agreement and added to the policy itself.
    • Added section 6.H to address compensation and benefits for remote working employees.

May Policy Action Summary

Please see the May 2024 Policy Action Summary pdf document.  It Details work completed between May 3, and June 7, 2024. There were two (2) new UW System Administrative Policies, three (3) revised UW System Administrative Policies, and one (1) Interim Policy Action expiration.

Two (2) New UW System Administrative Policies

Three (3) Revised UW System Administrative Policies

One (1) Interim Policy Action Expiration


*Denotes first notice of approval