1. Draft Procedures for Sale and Acquisition of Real Property Processes

    Draft procedures 999.A-Acquisition of Real Property Process and 999.B-Sale of Real Property Process have been proposed for review. These procedures formalizes the processes of real property sale and acquisition for the UW System. These procedures outline the requirements the UW System Administration Office of Capital Planning and Budget must follow when considering the sale or […]

  2. Leasing Policy and Procedure Update

    On January 26, 2018, President Cross approved an update to UW System Administrative Policy 910-Leasing and Vice President for Administration Cramer approved an update to UW System Administrative Procedure 910.A-Leasing Process. The update to policy 910-Leasing: Clarifies that the policy applies to situations where the UW System is the lessor as well as the lessee, […]

  3. Draft Revisions to Travel Purchase and Payment of Lodging Policy

    Draft revisions to the UW System Administrative Policy 415-Purchase and Payment of Lodging have been proposed for review. There are many revisions to this policy, examples of which include clarification surrounding the required use of the policy, reservation options, a list of exemptions, and a non-compliance subsection. You can find summary of changes and track […]

  4. Technical Change to SYS 1030A

    On January 24, 2018, Vice President for Administration Cramer approved a technical change to UW System Administrative Procedure 1030.A: Authentication to update password requirements. Passwords must now meet LOA2 entropy requirements as calculated by the NIST SP 800-63 Password Checker worksheet. This change corrects a drafting error that required passwords to meet or exceed 10 […]

  5. General Travel and Expense Policy Update

    On January 11, 2018, President Cross approved an update to UW System Administrative policy SYS 405-Travel and Expense – General Travel and Expense Policy. This update clarifies expectations for accounting for travel and related expenses, and makes technical changes to align the policy format with the current University of Wisconsin System policy template.  

  6. Technical Revisions to SYS 240 & 425

    On December 27, 2017, President Cross has approved revisions to both UW System Administrative Policies 240, Relocation (Household Moves) and Temporary or Indefinite Work Assignments, and 425, Use of Personal Vehicles, Rental Cars and Fleet for Business Transportation. The changes are technical in nature, and reflect changes in the Federal mileage rates which become effective […]

  7. Required Disclosures Policy Approved

    President Cross has approved UW System Administrative Policy 136, Required Disclosure for Participation in Certain UW System Services and Programs. This policy requires UW System institutions to inquire about whether a student has any felony pleas or convictions or nonacademic postsecondary disciplinary violations prior to that student being able to live in university housing or […]

  8. Information Technology Acquisitions Policy Updates

    On November 20, 2017, President Cross approved updates to UW System Administrative policy SYS 1010 (formerly G20) – Information Technology Acquisitions Approval  and approved the removal of the obsolete UW System Administrative Policy SYS 1015 (formerly G20A) – Telecommunications Acquisitions Responsibility and Authority. Policy SYS 1015 has been removed from the SYS policy series.  

  9. Rescinded UW System Administrative Policy and Procedure

    On November 14, 2017, President Cross approved the removal of the following obsolete UW System Administrative Policy, and Vice President for Finance Sean Nelson approved the removal of the associated procedure: SYS 348 (formerly G40)-Position Management SYS 348.A (formerly G40A)-Position Management Procedures This policy and procedure have been removed from the SYS policy series.

  10. Draft Changes to Position Management and Information Technology Acquisitions Policy

    The following changes to UW System policy are proposed. Information Technology Policy: SYS 1010 –Information Technology Acquisitions Approval  (Draft). This policy has been revised to provide more useful parameters to UW System institutions given the current statutory framework.  Please leave comments on this policy using the policy comment form by 11:45PM Tuesday, November 7. SYS 1015-Telecommunications […]