1. New Interim Policy Action and December Policy Distribution

    New Interim Policy Action Approved On December 22, 2020, Interim President Thompson approved the new interim policy action SYS 1200-07, Interim: Sick Leave During a Public Health Emergency. This interim policy […]

  2. Interim Regent Policy Document Wavier Approvals and December Policy Action Summary

    INTERIM REGENT POLICY DOCUMENT WAIVER APPROVAL On December 15, 2020, Interim President Thompson approved revisions to Interim Regent Policy Document Wavier #01: COVID-19 Grants and Contracts Waiver and Interim Regent Policy […]

  3. SYS 807 Comment Period Extension

    The comment period for SYS 807, Medical Withdrawal has been extended an additional two weeks. This will allow more time for stakeholders to seek clarification and then provide comments. Feedback is […]

  4. November Institution Distribution

    There are five policies included in the November Institution Distribution. They are listed below: SYS 2, Development, Revision, and Approval of Academic and Student Affairs Policies SYS 3, Development, Revision, and Approval […]

  5. Procurement and Information Security Policies Approved

    Procurement Policy Approved On October 26, Interim President Thompson approved revisions to the policy SYS 540, Non-Competitive Procurements. This policy was initially issued in October 2019 and was subsequently withdrawn on […]

  6. Information Security Policies and Procedures Approved

    On October 13, Interim President Thompson approved the new policies SYS 1000, Information Security: General Terms and Definitions and SYS 1039, Information Security: Risk Management. On October 13, Vice President Cramer also approved the […]

  7. Second Quarter Policy Priority Preview and Interim Policy Action Revision Approvals

    Second Quarter Policy Priority Preview Please view the document below for a listing of policy work that is anticipated will be completed in the second quarter (October 1-December 31) of […]

  8. September Institution Distribution

    Policies for Distribution There are eight (8) policy revisions and two (2) policy rescissions included in the September Institution Distribution. The included Operational, Human Resources, and University Personnel System policies have […]

  9. Tuition & Fees Policy Approval and August Institution Policy Distribution Reminder

    Tuition & Fees Policy Approved On August 24, 2020, Interim President Thompson approved SYS 805, Tuition and Fee Policies for Credit Instruction. This policy revision stems from the recent approval of […]

  10. August Institution Policy Distribution

    Policies for the August Distribution There is one (1) policy included in the August Institution Distribution. It is listed below: SYS 1000, General Terms and Definitions To view and comment on […]