As a reminder, the April 2023 institution policy distribution includes one (1) revised guidance document.

One (1) revised guidance document:

Please submit your feedback by Friday, May 5, 2023.

Additionally, as a reminder, SYS 102, Policy on University of Wisconsin System Array Management: Program Planning, Delivery, Review, and Reporting is still available for comment. Please submit your feedback for SYS 102 by Tuesday, May 23, 2023.

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Please find summaries of the items below.

Draft revised policy

Guidelines for Reporting Outside Activities Under UWS 8.025

  • The purpose of this guidance is to clarify and define the outside activity reporting requirements for unclassified staff of the UW System.
    • This revision adopts procedures designed to avoid conflicts of commitment, wherein outside professional activities substantially interfere with an individual’s full-time UWS appointment.
    • The guidance clarifies that advance written permission is required for any outside professional activity if the aggregate time commitment to one or more outside professional activities will exceed an average of 16 hours per calendar month during hours that the employee would be normally on duty in a UWS position.


SYS 102, Policy on University of Wisconsin System Array Management: Program Planning, Delivery, Review, and Definitions

This policy provides detailed guidance on academic degree program array management actions, including the approval of new programs, review of program suspensions and eliminations, changes to programs, program reviews, and other required reporting and approval items at the Board of Regents or University of Wisconsin (UW) System level.

The list of proposed revisions is as follows:

  • General
    • Replaced references to “Academic Programs and Faculty Advancement” with “Academic Affairs.”
    • Removed the University Action table, which will be moved into a separate procedure in the future.
    • Renumbered policy sections as needed to reflect the addition or deletion of terms; the table of contents was also updated to reflect these changes.
  • Section 1, Introduction
  • Section 2, Approval Process for New Academic Degree Programs and Degree Types
    • Replaced “new programs” with “new academic degree programs.”
    • In Section 2.1.1 (3) and (4), updated language to clarify that a change to the curricular content of a program determines whether a program is considered new. Additionally, clarified that a change to the first two Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) digits may that indicate a new program authorization may be required.
    • In Section 2.1.2, revised Step 1 to reflect that a Notice of Intent (NOI) is needed, regardless of track. Additionally, Step 2 was revised to clarify the pre-authorization process.
    • In Section 2.2, clarified the processes and eligibility requirements for NOI standard-track and fast-track. Additionally, added a three-step appeals process.
    • In Section 2.3, clarified the steps of the recommendation process, as well the role of the Board of Regents.
    • In Section 2.4, replaced “MajorMania” with “Find-A-Program.”
    • In Section 2.5, added language to clarify the requirement that UW associate degrees much follow the associate degree standards in SYS 115, Associate Degree Standards. Additionally, revised language to allow for the addition of a major to any UW associate degree.
  • Section 3, Existing Academic Degree Programs and Degree Types
    • In Section 3.2, clarified the threshold for a substantive change.
    • In Section 3.3, clarified the threshold for a curricular change the CIP changes which may require Board of Regents approval.
    • In Section 3.6, clarified that changing a program’s method of delivery to distance education may require Higher Learning Commission (HLC) approval or notification. Additionally, clarified that adding or eliminating distance delivery for an academic degree program requires notification at least four weeks prior to the effective date.
    • In Section 3.8, eliminated the requirement to notify UW System Administration of the addition or removal of a concentration to an associate degree.

April Policy Action Summary

Please find attached the April Policy Action Summary pdf. It details policy work completed between April 1 and 28, 2023. There were six (6) revised UW System Administrative policies, one (1) revised UW System Administrative procedure, and one (1) rescinded UW System Administrative policy.

Revised Policies

Revised Procedure

Rescinded Policy

expiring interim policy

SYS 100-01, Interim: Study Abroad Emergency Reserve/Contingency Fund Requirement Waiver

SYS 100-01, Interim: Study Abroad Emergency Reserve/Contingency Fund Requirement Waiver is set to expire on May 31, 2023. This interim policy will be allowed to expire and will not be renewed.