1. Information Technology Acquisitions Policy Updates

    On November 20, 2017, President Cross approved updates to UW System Administrative policy SYS 1010 (formerly G20) – Information Technology Acquisitions Approval  and approved the removal of the obsolete UW System Administrative Policy SYS 1015 (formerly G20A) – Telecommunications Acquisitions Responsibility and Authority. Policy SYS 1015 has been removed from the SYS policy series.  

  2. Rescinded UW System Administrative Policy and Procedure

    On November 14, 2017, President Cross approved the removal of the following obsolete UW System Administrative Policy, and Vice President for Finance Sean Nelson approved the removal of the associated procedure: SYS 348 (formerly G40)-Position Management SYS 348.A (formerly G40A)-Position Management Procedures This policy and procedure have been removed from the SYS policy series.

  3. Draft Changes to Position Management and Information Technology Acquisitions Policy

    The following changes to UW System policy are proposed. Information Technology Policy: SYS 1010 –Information Technology Acquisitions Approval  (Draft). This policy has been revised to provide more useful parameters to UW System institutions given the current statutory framework.  Please leave comments on this policy using the policy comment form by 11:45PM Tuesday, November 7. SYS 1015-Telecommunications […]

  4. Draft Policy: Required Disclosures for Participation in Certain UW System Services and Programs

    Draft system policy 136: Required Disclosures for Participation in Certain UW System Services and Programs establishes standard crime and discipline questions that must be asked of a student prior to the student’s accessing or participating in certain services and programs at UW System institutions. The policy is available at the following link for review and […]

  5. Information Security policies & procedures approved

    On July 31, 2017, UW System President Raymond Cross approved revisions to UW System Administrative Policies (SYS) 1030, 1031, 1032, and 1033. These policies focus on information security in the UW System and derive from the authority of the UW System President to establish and maintain a comprehensive information security program under Regent Policy Document […]

  6. Technical Amendment to SYS 145

    On June 23, 2017, President Cross approved a technical amendment to UW System Administrative Policy (SYS) 145, which was necessary due to a routine change in legal standards and business practices. Specifically, an audit review of SYS 145 recommended that the word “should” be changed to “shall” within section A.4 of the policy relating to the purchase of travel insurance. The policy […]

  7. Draft Revisions to Information Security Policies

    The eight UW System Administrative Policies and Procedures on information security are scheduled for regular review. Revisions to these policies and procedures have been proposed for your review. In addition, a new policy and procedure (1035 & 1035.A) focusing on Data Protection are being proposed for adoption. Links to access each draft policy and procedure […]

  8. Draft Extramural Support Administration

    UW System Administrative Policy 342, Extramural Support Administration, is being proposed for revision. The policy was last reviewed in April 2016. Please use the link below to view & comment on the draft revised policy. You will need your UW login & password to do so. See a summary of changes being proposed and a track changes document. The […]

  9. Updated Fiscal Misconduct Policy Approved

    On April 28, 2017, President Cross approved revisions to UW System Administrative Policy 304 (Formerly F16), Fiscal Misconduct. On May 1, 2017 Interim Vice President for Finance Julie Gordon approved the associated procedure, UW System Administrative Procedure 304.A, Fiscal Misconduct: Reporting and Review Process. This policy and procedure govern the reporting and review of instances […]

  10. Updated Patent Policy Approved

    On April 28, 2017, President Cross approved revisions to UW System Administrative Policy 346 (Formerly G34), Patents and Inventions.  Summary of changes: The goal of the revisions was to update and streamline the policy by adjusting it to fit the new template policy format for UW System policies, by removing extraneous and outdated content, and […]