June Policy Distribution

The June 2023 institution policy distribution includes one (1) new policy and one (1) revised policy.

One (1) new policy:

  • SYS 1294, Workplace Bullying

One (1) revised policy:

  • SYS 1213, Wisconsin and Federal Family Medical Leave Acts

Please submit your feedback by Friday, July 14, 2023.

Additionally, please be advised that UWSA plans to re-distribute SYS 1281, Employee Off-Boarding to campuses in a future institutional distribution.

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Please find summaries of the items below.


SYS 1294, Workplace Bullying

  • This is a new policy, designed to clarify certain prohibited conduct under the category of workplace bullying.  It was developed to define “bullying” for purposes of NIH reporting requirements, and to expand upon the general work rule “Be Fair and Respectful to Others” published in SYS 1292, Workplace Conduct Expectations.


SYS 1213, Wisconsin and Federal Family Medical Leave Acts

  • This revision makes minor format changes to bring the policy into compliance with current policy format requirements.
    • In section 6.C.IV, added a clarifying note codifying the past practice in the case of two spouses who are both employed by the UW System.  In this circumstance, although federal code allows some employers to limit the total leave to 12 weeks split between the spouses, Wisconsin Fair Employment Law prohibits discrimination on the basis of marital status, and the state Office of Personnel Management has determined that for state employees, this means that state agencies may not take advantage of this spousal restriction.
    • Added section 2, Responsible UW System Officer, Section 3, Scope and Institutional Responsibilities, and Section 9, Scheduled Review Date, to match the current SYS policy template.
    • In Section 6, updated the numbering scheme to match the current SYS policy template.

FY 2024 Policy Priorities Memo

Below please find the FY 2024 Policy Priorities Memo. This document details the policy work completed in FY 2023, as well as a list of SYS policy priorities for fiscal year 2024. The policies were identified as high priority due to the policy’s content, the last revision date, or other emergent factors (e.g., changes to federal or state regulation). Institutions were asked to provide input on SYS policy priorities that should be undertaken by UW System Administration in the coming year. Comments were provided to UWSA policy owners for final consideration in the development of this plan.

FY 2024 SYS Policy Priority Memo pdf

Policy and Procedure Approval Notice

On June 22nd, President Jay Rothman approved substantive revisions to SYS 185, Awarding of UW System Credit in Wisconsin Schools.

On June 22nd, Vice Presidents Britz and Nelson also approved the new procedure SYS 185.A, Procedure for Awarding of UW System Credit in Wisconsin Schools.

See below for a brief summary of these items.

SYS 185, Awarding of UW System Credit in Wisconsin Schools 

SYS 185.A, Procedure for Awarding of UW System Credit in Wisconsin Schools 

This policy and procedure were effective upon approval. 

This policy establishes academic and financial parameters for the UW System institutions and participating Wisconsin schools when offering credit-bearing courses taught by instructors that have been authorized to do so by a UW System institution. The policy puts into action the intent of Wis. Stat. § 118.55, Early college credit program. The following changes were made to the policy:

  • The title was changed to reflect a broader range of Wisconsin schools that partner with our UW institutions to include schools beyond high schools.
  • Throughout the policy and procedure, “high schools” was replaced with “Wisconsin schools.”
  • Throughout the policy and procedure, “high school faculty was replaced with “Wisconsin school instructors.”
  • Throughout the policy and procedure, “college courses” was replaced with “credit-bearing courses.”
  • The policy and procedures reference the Higher Learning Commission faculty qualifications policy which was not included in earlier versions of the policy.
  • In Section 3, added references to SYS 135, UW System Undergraduate Transfer Policy and SYS 138, Award of Credit by Prior Learning Assessment.
  • In section 5, added definitions of important terms including “credit-bearing courses” and “extra-institutional award of credit.”
  • In Section 6.A.II through Section 6.B, removed all procedures from the policy and placed in a separate procedures document, SYS 185.A, Procedure for Awarding of Credit in Wisconsin Schools.
  • In Section 6.A.IV, added a statement to stress the equitable access to credit-bearing courses for students in Wisconsin schools.
  • In Section 6.C, moved information about tuition rates and ranges into a table to improve readability.
  • Removed Section 6.E, Coordination with the Local School District.
  • In Section 7, added references to Higher Learning Commission Assumed Practices B.2, SYS 135, UW System Undergraduate Transfer Policy, and SYS 138, Award of Credit by Prior Learning Assessment.
  • The policy was rearranged to group information on a similar theme together and a couple of redundant sentences were removed.

Institution Comments and Concerns

  • UW-Stout requested clarification in Section 6.A, Quality Assurance, regarding the interpretation of how Wisconsin school courses should be evaluated as meeting the university standards for the same course work offered with the UW System institution’s on-campus degree program. The language in the policy was not revised as the intention was to give campuses flexibility in interpretation.
  • UW-Stout identified a typo in Section 6.C, Tuition. This typo was corrected.

Policy Effective Date Reminder

As a reminder, the revisions to SYS 1277, Compensation that were approved on April 18th will become effective on July 2, 2023. Please review the updated language prior to the effective date.