August University Policy Distribution Reminder

As a reminder, the August university policy distribution contains one (1) revised policy and one (1) new guidance document.

One (1) revised SYS policy:

One (1) new guidance document:

Click on the links above to view the drafts and ensure that your feedback is captured for review during the post-comment period. Comments can include attachments, including word documents and PDFs. Comments on this policy and the guidance are due on Friday, September 8, 2023.

As a reminder, there are also three (3) policies related to tuition out for comment. More details on the tuition policy work can be found on the Proposed RPD and SYS Policy Changes to Tuition Policies page. This work includes the following proposals:

One (1) consolidated Regent Policy Document:

One (1) revised System Administrative policy:

One (1) rescinded System Administrative policy:

Please submit your feedback by Tuesday, October 3, 2023. (Reminders will be provided in subsequent policy distributions and distribution reminders until that date.)

Please find summaries of the items below.

Draft Revised Policy

SYS 1031, Information Security: Data Classification

  • This policy establishes a framework for classifying and protecting University of Wisconsin (UW) System data based on its level of sensitivity, value, and criticality to the university. Data classifications are necessary to secure and protect university data in a predictable manner consistent with the risk posed to the organization.
    • This policy has been revised to align the data classifications established by UWSA with the data classifications used by UW-Madison.
    • In Section 5, definitions were added for “data domain,” “data steward,” and “data trustee.”
    • In Section 6.A, the data classification categories were re-ordered from high to low and are now low to high. An example was added for each category.
    • Section 6.B was retitled to “Data Reclassification” and the content now applies to reclassification rather than protection. o Added Section 6.C, Classification Documentation.
  • SYS 1031.A, Information Security: Data Classification will be rescinded and replaced by a Data Classification Examples Guidelines document. The former procedure largely focused on providing Data Classification Examples which are better suited in a guidance document rather than a procedure. Existing language pertaining to Data Steward requirements have been moved to the policy, when applicable.
  • SYS 1031.B, Information Security: Data Protections will be rescinded to eliminate redundancy with other policies in the 1000 series. SYS 1031.B was developed prior to having a comprehensive information security policy set which covers the majority of requirements previously identified in the former procedure. A separate effort is underway to summarize security controls found throughout the SYS 1000 policy series and present the standards in an easily accessible format, such as a table available on a webpage or guidance document.
  • Existing definitions that are updated as part of this revision will be updated within SYS 1000, Information Security: General Terms and Definitions,, prior to the SYS 1031 effective date

New Guidance Document 

SYS 1031 Guidance: Data Classification Examples

  • This new guidance document will replace the existing procedure SYS 1031, Information Security: Data Classification

Consolidated Regent Policy Document

Proposal to Consolidate Regent Policy Documents on Tuition into a New Policy RPD 31-xx, “Tuition Policies”

  • The Board of Regents has broad statutory authority to establish tuition and fees. As part of an ongoing effort to update Regent Policy Documents, this proposal rescinds, updates, and consolidates seven Regent policies related to tuition and fees into a single Regent tuition policy. RPD 32-8, “Application Fees and Waivers,” would not be consolidated into this new policy, instead remaining as a standalone policy. This proposal would also reclassify the institution-wide tuition differentials as base tuition, starting in the 2024-2025 academic year.

Read the full proposal here: RPD 32-xx, “Tuition Policies”

Draft Revised Policy

SYS 805, Tuition and Fees Policies for Credit Instruction

  • The purpose of this policy is to outline the statutory, Board of Regents, and administrative policy provisions with respect to the parameters for establishing and authority for approving tuition and fees. Revisions to this policy are being considered in conjunction with the efforts to revise and merge the Regent Policy Documents on tuition and the rescission of the System Administrative Policy (SYS) 815, Student Technology Fee Expenditures. Proposed revisions to this policy include:
    • Throughout the policy, renumbered sections to match current SYS template, updated format of statutory citations, and updated refences to RPDs and SYS policies to reflect new titles.
    • In Section 4, Background, generalized language regarding the Board of Regents approving a per credit fee structure that does not include a credit plateau, if requested by the UW institution.
    • In Section 6.A.I, Resident vs. Nonresident, updated naming conventions and language regarding additional non-resident tuition rates at certain UW System institutions.
    • In Section 6.A.V, Special Instructional Fees, removed procedural language regarding Shared Financial System codes that will be made obsolete by the Administrative Transformation Project (ATP).
    • Retitled Section 6.A.VI to “Program-Specific Tuition,” removed mentions of institution-wide differentials, clarified that program-specific tuition rates can be sought for high-demand or high-cost programs, removed links to obsolete documents, and added details about the process by which institutions may request program-specific tuition rates. Removing mention of institution-wide differentials eliminates the ability to have such differentials. When all tuition-setting changes are brought to the Board of Regents, the Regents’ resolution for approval will include a provision to move current/existing institution-wide differentials into base tuition.
    • Removed former Section 6.A.15, Multiple Campus Enrollments, to reflect the anticipated move of more institutions to a per-credit rate and current practice of not maintaining the plateau between main and branch campuses.
    • In Section 6.A.XIII, Application Fees, changed directive from “is permitted to” to “must” assess a uniform application fee to reflect statutory language and the original intent of UW System policy. Added reference to Section 6.B.III, Application Fee Waivers.
    • In Section 6.B.II, Nonresident Tuition Remission, Reciprocity, and Interstate Programs, updated naming conventions and language regarding additional non-resident tuition rates at certain UW System institutions.
    • In Section 6.C.IV, Refunds/Withdrawals/Drops, added reference to SYS 807, Medical Withdrawal Policy.

Draft Policy Rescission

Proposal to Rescind SYS 815, Student Technology Fee Expenditures

  • This policy sets forth principles applicable to the administration of Student Technology Fees. These fees were originally applied to UW-Madison during the 1993-1995 biennium, and then expended to all campuses during the 1995-1997 biennium. These fees are a tuition surcharge and are subject to policies that govern approval and allocation of GPR/fee funds.
  • SYS 815 was created in 2001 to specifically define the provisions related to the newly applied Student Technology Fees. In proceeding years, much of this work has been normalized and incorporated into normal operating procedures.
  • This policy was originally drafted during an advent of new technology that required consideration for how to build and maintain infrastructure to support their integration into the learning environment.
  • Given the assimilation of these fees into existing financial processes, it is no longer deemed necessary to maintain a separate policy to specifically govern Student Technology Fees; therefore, this policy is proposed for rescission.

August Policy Action Summary

Please find the attached the August Policy Action Summary. It details policy work completed between August 4, 2023 and September 1, 2023. There was one (1) new interim policy action, one (1) new interim FAQ page and two (2) revised UW System Policies.

One (1) new interim policy action

One (1) new interim FAQ page

Two (2) revised UW System Policies

*Denotes first notice of approval

August Policy Action Summary pdf

Effective Dates Reminder

SYS 1035, Information Security: IT Asset Management and SYS 1035.A, Information Security: IT Asset Management Standard, which were approved on April 11, 2023, will become effective on October 1, 2023. 

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