When students apply for admission, resident status for tuition purposes is also determined. Students are classified as resident or nonresident for tuition purposes. Decisions are made based on standards established in Wisconsin Statutes 36.27 (2), which govern resident status for tuition purposes. These standards differ from other standards used to determine residency for voting, paying taxes, and other purposes. Therefore, it is important that applicants to the University understand the Wisconsin statute governing resident status for tuition purposes and how it may apply to individual applicants.


  • Wisconsin Statutes
  • Wisconsin Administrative Code
    • Chapter UWS 20–Nonresident Tuition Determination Procedures and Appeals
  • Federal Statutes
    • 20 U.S.C. 1015d—In-State Tuition Rates for Members of the Armed Forces on Active Duty, Spouses, and Dependent Children

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