Students have the right to appeal a residency determination according to Wisconsin Administrative Code, Chapter UWS 20–Nonresident Tuition Determination Procedures and Appeals. You can appeal your classification as a nonresident if at least one of the following is true:

  1. You’ve received significant new information that became available after the date of the campus decision classifying you as a nonresident.
  2. The decision to classify you as a nonresident was based on an error made by the institution, including:
    • a significant error of fact
    • a significant procedural error
    • an incorrect application of policy
Appeal process

Every institution in the UW System has an established appeal process. To initiate the process, you will need to complete necessary appeal forms, supply information about your circumstances, and explain in writing why you believe you should be reclassified as a resident for tuition purposes.

To obtain more detailed information about the process for filing a residency appeal or to consult with an advisor about whether an appeal is appropriate in your case, contact the Office of Admissions or the Office of the Registrar at the institution where you are or wish to be enrolled.

NOTE: Appeals must be filed by specified deadlines. When an appeal is in process you are responsible for paying academic fees that have been assessed according to your initial residency determination.

Updated: 06/08/2020

For More Information

Contact the Office of Admissions at your institution for more information on appealing a residency determination.