Procurement Contact

Marcel DuBois
780 Regent St.  Room 105
Madison, WI 53715
(608) 263-4380

Construction Projects

McClimon Track Resurfacing Re-Bid

Project ID: A-16-015
Project Name: McClimon Track Resurfacing Project
Institution: UW-Madison
Location: 702 Walnut St.
Madison, WI
Construction Estimate: $676,000
GCP Bid Date June 1, 2017

Project Documents

HSLC Enhancement

Project ID: A-16-006
Project Name: HSLC Academic Affairs Curriculum Enhancement
Institution: UW-Madison
Location: 750 Highland Ave.
Madison, WI
Construction Estimate: $8,665,000
MEP Bid Date: May 22, 2017
GCP Bid Date June 5, 2017

Project Documents

 Addendum 2  Addendum 1  Plans Vol. 1  Plans Vol. 2 Spec Vol. 1-GPC Spec Vol. 1-MEP Spec Vol. 2 Spec Vol. 3

Plan Holders List

Consultant, Architect and Engineer Services

No current opportunities. Please check back on the first Wednesday of next month.

Recent Results

Sterling Hall Renovations

Firms submitting proposals

  • Eppstein Uhen
  • Assemblage
  • KEE Architecture

Nielsen Tennis Stadium

Institution:       UW-Madison

Construction Bid Tabs

Nielsen Bid Tab May 24, 2017 53.9 KiB

HSLC Enhancement

Institution:       UW-Madison

Construction Bid Tabs

HSLC MEP Bid Tab May 24, 2017 65.0 KiB

McClimon Track Resurfacing

This project originally bid on 5/9 and will be re-bid on 6/1.

McClimon Bid Tab May 11, 2017 51.2 KiB