Jim Henderson

Welcome, fellow mathematicians and others interested in the University of Wisconsin System Math Initiative!

I hope you, too, are excited about the progress to date and plans underway. Faculty, staff, and administrators are collaborating to reduce the number of students placed into remedial courses, and help students successfully complete the appropriate first credit bearing math course in their first year.

We’re not starting from scratch. We’re building on many years of foundational work on student success in math at UW institutions, and we’re adapting national models to fit our students and institutions’ needs and goals. The work is supported by a $2.3 million grant from Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation & Affiliates.

We have a lot of work to do, and we invite you to follow along via this website.

James P. Henderson
Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
Co-Principal Investigator



  • Increase enrollment rates in a math course in the student’s first year.
  • Reduce the number of students placed into remedial math courses.
  • Improve the success of students in remedial math courses.
  • Improve the success of students in their first credit bearing math courses.
  • Ensure transferability of gateway math courses within UW System.


  • Implement common cut score for math placement
  • Use multiple measures for math placement
  • Tailor math pathways to majors
    • Employ meta-majors
    • Offer alternatives to college algebra relevant to majors
  • Implement evidence-based innovations in teaching, including for remedial math