The Legislative Audit Bureau released an audit on Friday, December 6, regarding state-owned residential properties, which includes properties own by UW System. The Audit indicated that the Department of Administration (DOA) has not formally revised policies pertaining to state-owned residential properties leased to state employees since 1975.  Under provisions of ch. 16, Wis. Stats., DOA is required to administer state-owned residential properties that are managed by state agencies and leased to state employees. Certain employees may be required to reside in the properties as a condition of employment while other employees may opt to reside in them. The audit states the DOA has not completed an appraisal since 1995. The Audit also includes findings and recommendations specific to UW System. See the Legislative Audit Briefing Sheet for a summary of the report. The full report, including UW System’s response starting on page 55, can be found here,