Curious about how your teaching needs can be addressed with technology and other tools?  These web pages pages provide UW system-wide access to best practices and professional development resources for Instructors hosted at the system level.  These teaching resources are regularly curated for those looking to increase student engagement, streamline current teaching methods, or simply learn how peers are leveraging technology in teaching and learning.  UW System DLE users should contact their campus learning technology support team, or their Learning Technology Development Council (LTDC) Representative, to learn more about teaching with their campus technologies.

Using Canvas
  • This Seems Backwards! Using Backwards Design in Course Development (Eric Peloza and Jennifer Russo, UW-Extended Campus)
    Using the backwards design model, UW Extended Campus instructional designers demonstrate effective online course design and development practices when collaborating with faculty. Recording: This Seems Backwards!
  • Lights, Camera, Action! Using Video in Canvas for Student Engagement (Dr. Tanzeem Iqbal Ali and Dr. Rebecca Graetz, UW-Superior)
    This presentation provides insights on how to utilize CANVAS for student engagement. Recording: Lights, Camera, Action!
Using Kaltura
  • Going Beyond Lectures: How Video Can Promote Learner Engagement & Assessment (Dominic Slauson, Chippewa Valley Technical College)
    In this session, you will learn the principles and best practices that guide the use of video as a means of promoting teacher presence and giving learners thoughtful feedback. Recording: Going Beyond Lectures
More Resources
  • How to Engage Students by Scaffolding Content for Flipped Learning (Natalia Roberts, UW-La Crosse)
    While many educators are flipping their lessons, research indicates that this pedagogical approach is only successful when the student and instructor become aware of what students do and don’t know during independent learning. With a series of connected activities using tools such as H5P, Flipgrid, and Canvas functionality, the instructor and student identify misconceptions in preparation for contextualized use of the target language. Presenters will include why this approach is used, student voices in response, and next steps to expand upon approach to new blended formats of shared courses. Recording: How to Engage Students
  • Journey to Online – Faculty Professional Development, authored by UW-Extended campus (regularly updated)