While each campus has its own Digital Learning Environment (DLE) support teams, this site provides DLE users with access to systemwide resources.  DLE users have access to many forms of systemwide DLE support including upcoming training opportunities, information about changes, and the current service status of Canvas, Kaltura and Zoom.

UW System campuses are encouraged to share training and support resources with their peers. Please add your UW System DLE training session or event to the shared Events Calendar by submitting this form: Events Calendar form  Thanks for sharing!


Learn something new by watching live and recorded sessions geared for beginners to experts, or review the current schedule of available live training sessions.

Live Training and Events

From time to time, live learning technology training opportunities are available and are listed in the DLE events caimage if a calendar, decorative and hyperlinkedlendar.  Some sessions are only open to UW-System DLE users and some are public.  Please peruse the calendar for upcoming sessions.
DLE Events Calendar

Canvas (UWS Users Only)

  • If you are already logged into Canvas, click Help on the left menu and then select Training Services Portal.
  • Or navigate to  https://community.canvaslms.com/community/answers/training/ and click on the Access Training button. Create a new user account using your University of Wisconsin campus email address.





How do I… ?  Users of the UW System DLE have access to many support resources.

Search the UWS DLE Knowledgebase (KB)

Have questions specific to the UW-System instance of Canvas, Kaltura, or Zoom? You may find the answer by searching our UWS DLE Knowledge Base (KB). https://kb.wisconsin.edu/dle

Contact Canvas 24/7 Support – or – ask the canvas community

UW System Canvas users have access to help directly from Canvas. If you are logged into Canvas, you can contact Canvas via chat, telephone, or email by clicking the “Help” button found in the left-side navigation bar.

With nearly 900,000 active members, you may find the answer you need on the Canvas Community.

Search the kaltura knoweledgebase (KB)

Have questions about how to use Kaltura, and it is not covered in the UWS DLE KB?  Try searching the Kaltura Knowledge Base (KB). https://knoledge.kaltura.com/help

Contact Zoom 24/7 SupporT

UW System Zoom users have access to help directly from Zoom. If you are logged into Zoom, you can contact Zoom via social media, web ticket, chatbot, or telephone by clicking the “Support” button found in right corner of the top navigation bar

System Status

Even the best systems have outages. Click on the system below to see its current status.

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Watch Now!

Transforming the Activity of Teaching: A Foundation of Diversity and Equity Course

(Presented June 15, 2021) What happens to a Foundations of Diversity and Equity in Schools course when the main mode of instruction changes? The shifting of the class from face-to-face to virtual asynchronous instruction due to COVID-19 led to a transformation of the activity of the course. To replace the use of various discussion techniques, the author redesigned the course using content area literacy techniques melded with asynchronous voice and electronic thread pedagogies. Recording