The Digital Learning Environment (DLE) Implementation Project provided UW System with an opportunity to create an ITIL service management framework based on the UWSA Enterprise Technology Digital Strategy to support the DLE governance structure. The strategy clearly articulates an enterprise decision-making framework we refer to as the “RIDE” framework. The RIDE framework provides us with a formal means of managing enterprise technology at UW System, where service “Recommendations” move through an “Input” phase to provide transparency and solicit feedback from UW System stakeholder groups (including the DLE Advisory Council), followed by a “Decision” phase, and then finally to “Execution” of the decision.

The UW System Digital Learning Environment (DLE) is cloud-based, meaning DLE software and systems are not running on internal, physical hardware and technologies owned by UW System. Instead, UW System “subscribes” to licensing of the core DLE technologies (currently Canvas, Kaltura, and Zoom) that are run over the internet and managed by the service providers.

The trade-off to moving away from physical technology systems (and their subsequent cost, dependence on resource quality, challenges in the ability to scale, etc.) is that we must be diligent in monitoring and preparing for frequent service updates to the DLE. In short, governance of the DLE includes professionally and formally managing the risks associated with change.

While there are risks inherent in using any technology, to mitigate the risks associated with cloud technology the UWS DLE Service Management team (along with the help of many stakeholders from all UW System institutions) has developed an ITIL-based service management framework (see link above) that aligns with both the UW System Administration’s 2023-2028 Strategic Plan and UW System’s Information Technology strategic plans.

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