The UW System Digital Learning Environment (DLE) includes cloud-based services (e.g., Canvas, Kaltura, and Zoom) that regularly receive product updates from our vendor partners. These regular product updates create a dynamic and flexible system where supporting change is built into our service management processes. The evolving landscape of teaching and learning also change the functionality requirements for the DLE. Change requests from our DLE user community are welcomed and supported.

To achieve a transparent, consistent, and efficient process, the change request process was developed. The time frame to complete a request depends upon the complexity of the request and the level of risk that the change introduces into the DLE. The request process is sequential and follows the stages outlined in the graphic shown below.  To request a change, please complete the .

If you would like to request a new tool or application be integrated in the DLE, then please complete the New Tool Request process.

Change Request Process

The following chart lists CHANGE REQUESTS and their status: