Integrated external applications add new functionalities to the DLE to meet the needs of teaching and learning. These applications allow the user to login to the application using their campus login and password so the application can exchange data with the DLE. External applications do not include links, content or other materials within the DLE that do not exchange credentials or data. Each external application has its own unique technical setup that complies with federal regulations and UW System policies. To ensure the security of the DLE is not compromised, our application integration request process reviews and vets the tool before it is integrated with the DLE.

We developed the external application approval process to ensure a transparent, consistent, and efficient process. The time frame to complete a request depends upon the complexity of the integration and the level of risk that the integration introduces into the DLE. The request process is sequential and follows the stages outlined in the “Integration Request Process” graphic shown below.

PLEASE NOTE: The DLE third-party application vetting process does not replace any UW System procurement processes or requirements.  Application approval by the DLE team does not grant procurement authority.  A tool required for integration with the DLE should have a signed third-party tool application agreement in place prior to purchase.

To request a new integration, please complete the .

Approval Process

Approval Process Chart

The following chart lists integrations and their approval status (sortable, use column headings):