UW System Administration’s Procurement Office has issued a Notice of Intent to Instructure for their Canvas product.  To ensure a successful contracting process, it is very important that institutions follow procurement rules during the contract negotiation phase of the RFP.

During this time between negotiation and the contract signing with Instructure, it is extremely important that you help reinforce the following messaging with your campus:

  • There will be no communication with Instructure by anyone within UW System regarding this process, the contract or any other information regarding the UW System relationship with Instructure except the UWSA negotiating team.
  • All institutions, with the exception of UW-Madison, are impacted by this contract process.
  • Institutions shall not participate in any free-trial use of Canvas prior to the official rollout.
  • Institutions shall not migrate any courses from the D2L system to a Canvas system until authorized to do so by the project manager.
  • All inquiries from the media regarding the contract, the negotiation process, or the DLE RFP should be directed to University Relations (universityrelations@uwsa.edu).